How to use the Residence plugin - Self-Serve area protection

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    Okay, probably a dumb question ....

    Can I create a subzone partly in and partly outside of an existing res? Or does all of the cubes of the subzone have to be contained inside the already res'd cubes?
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    I think you can set a zone then subzone and then move the main zone but if I am not wrong I think @Matt considers this a bannable offense as it circumvents the whole only x number of resses allowed.
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    Yesterday I saw this Thread by ZiggyStarduust, and it gave me the idea to tweak it a bit, using it to generate personal horse-stable boxes in a res.
    The idea is to build a stable where jackasses can’t kill/steal people’s horses, and where the owner can store their saddle as well,
    So the question is, can I - in my res, set a flag or something similar, so people can place a sign on a unclaimed box, thereby locking/using it so others can’t open it?

    I would prefer a solution where I don't have to generate subzones.

    Edit - been thinking -
    if the following flags are set:
    <Place> - true (let players place signs on a box-chest to prevent others from taking items)
    <Container> - true (means that a player can place/take items like a saddle in their box-chest)

    BUT - this also mean that other players can place pressure-plates, levers, buttons, redstone-torches etc. to open the fence gate to a horse box and steal the horse.. And they would also be able to place blocks like water and lava ..

    Any suggestions - are there a solution that only gives a player permission to place a sign, instead of the <place> flag ?
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  5. If im understanding the problem, maybe you could use transparent blocks where someone might place switches etc.
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    Do transparent blocks have a sertan function - whre all can place signs - even in a res ?

    Hmm would demand the user to empty his enderchest to get his/hers house out
  8. I mean that you can't stick redstone torches on them, or at least I think you cant. So a circuit cased in glass or something should be tamper resistant. Just throwin ideas out there
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    shoulda looked at ziggy's vid first before running my fingers. Adding on to Justin's replay about the glass blocks, it you res the area to the block where the comparator sits, and have a block of glass where the chest is supposed to go, anyone could have access to place their own chest there and private it. "to use, break glass, place chest, private".
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    glt1022 just solved the puzzle. Your visit gave a good result - the restriction on the size of the res and the chest and sign placement will work.

    Thx m8
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    Earlier tonight ChellePort asked me instructions for expanding a /res, and even I have to go back to my screencaps each time I do this to remember how (many thanks to Kinoss.. I've referred to your instructions several times already!):

    Step-by-step guide for expanding your residence
    1. /res select residence residencename main
    2. Face the direction you want to expand in.
    3. /res select expand distance
    4. /res area replace residencename main
    5. All done, and it will just charge you for the additional area.

    Variables are:
    distance = length in meters you want to grow it by
    residencename = name of your residence, like costco

    I guess you can replace "main" with the name of a subzone too, though I haven't delved into this level of wizardry yet.

    The Residence plugin docs suck, I have to say... originally when I looked up the expand command, they kept throwing around this AreaID term and I couldn't figure out what the hell it was... I Googled that and got nowhere, and the Residence plugin docs didn't explain an AreaID. Kinoss saved the day.
  12. So this res plugin, this is server side correct? Meaning do I have to download it to utilize it or just play on the server that has it?
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    Server side correct :)
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    That and /pay CaptLou 1000
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    Heads up, to rename: /res rename [resoldname] [resnewname]

    All thanks to @glt1022 for saying this in chat today!
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    for subzones you have to use /res select residence [resname.subzone] [subzone]

    i belive that a subzone is its own area so you have to select the subzone with [resname.subzone] then the area of the subzone which would be the subzones own name

    if all else fails looks at my thread
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    Saw that - I'm into shifting a res now - it wound up so far east. . . *sigh* the tp is still where it was before it moved, but now the res is about 14K blocks away in the wrong direction. *sigh* I'll keep mucking with it.
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    Ky-Rhea, did you remember to face the direction you wanted to shift it?

    If you did East is positive X and West is negative X so maybe you need the - negative sign to move west or North?

    I'm not about to test on my new little paupers residence I have.

    Paupers happen when one falls into a mob grinder. Bye bye inventory. :-(
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    She's not around anymore...
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    the shift command broke when 1.8 came round now you have to move things the long way by selecting the exact same size at your new location and use /area replace [residence] main