How to use the Residence plugin - Self-Serve area protection

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    A residence is an area of land that you purchase (with in-game money) which you can control permissions on. You are able to control PvP, build, use, container, and other permissions.

    The cost of a residence is $0.01 per block. to find the total cost of the plot you want multiply the ( length * width * height * 0.01 ). For example a 16x16 plot from bedrock to sky (128) is $327

    Steps To Claim A Residence
    • Get an Wooden Hoe and left click the top left corner of an imaginary cube surrounding your land/structure.
    • Go to the exact opposite corner and right click a block to form the boundaries of the cube.
    • (optional) if you want to protect ALL of the land above and below your selection, from bedrock to sky, you can now type /res select vert
    • Now enter the command /res create SomeNameOfResidence where the name does NOT contain spaces.
    Adding Another User To Your Residence
    You are able to give permissions to other users inside your residence. For a full list of the possible flags and other options see the official Residence Wiki at the link below.
    • give the user build permission with the command /res pset ResidenceName PlayerName build true
    • give the user the ability to open doors with the command /res pset ResidenceName PlayerName use true
    • give the user the ability to open chests with the command /res pset ResidenceName PlayerName container true
    Residence command reference

  2. How much area is allowed ?

    "area size is not within your allowed limits" <- getting this, but my area isn't that big :-/
  3. Hey Matt,

    What is the name of the Residence plugin we use? so I can look up some more tuts on it online? I'm not 100% confident in it's use, and want to wait before spending my cash to possibly not protect my area.

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  5. Any area you select is by default given a very safe set of flags. You'll have full permissions to do whatever you want and I think flow is set to false when you res by default (could be wrong). Other than that, everyone else will not be able to pvp/use/destroy/build/container etc.

    The in-game documentation is pretty complete. Just type /res ? or /res <keyword> ? to bring up the help menus.

    /res ? # will take you to the specified page you're after. So /res flags ? 3 would take you to the third page of the flags help menu.
  6. I'm not sure if I did the residence right. It said that I'm being charged to my Vault Account. I didn't specify a height and there's been no money taken out. Residence name is ForstHjem. It shows up on my list so I guess it's created, just not sure if it's the size I wanted.

    Nevermind, I fixed it. I had only selected 4 squares somehow.
  7. need a bit help

    Somehow i tried to do this thingy but it just dont do anything then this: /res error

    i used the wooden axe i tried to do only the inner area of the castle ,
    later on even tried the bigger area but keeps the same error popping up every time,
    and i do have enough money for the entire area,

    PLZ advise.

    I tried the ingame help that works tho, still not able to claim area,
    followed youtube bout this subject, and still no area claimed.

    Friendly greets,
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    Re: need a bit help

    You need to use a wooden hoe
  9. yeah sorry ment that 1 english is not my basic language tho your picture matched the item i had in hands.

    mixed up with diablo i guess as its called there and axe. :p
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    My pic is a wooden axe. you need a wooden hoe ... en_hoe.png
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    I tried a wooden ho' once. Got too many splinters.
  12. Most of the res's I've come across (so far) are pretty modest/practical. Is it frowned upon if I want to build a sculpture/cartoony/tall/redstone-animated/over-the-top/etc residence? Or is it pretty much "you bought the land, do what you want with it"?
  13. Matt

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    There's no limits on what you can build. Just be mindful if you are building near someone.
  14. lol
  15. Matt, I think I understand this thread, but now my question is, how do I earn in-game money? I'm going to try to figure that out now.
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    You can earn money by selling to shops. The main source of money is the bank at "/res tp dmall" where I buy diamond/gold/emerald blocks. If you don't have enough quantity for that then you can sell random items to target at "/res tp target". Or asking people for money or doing some digging work for them.
  17. dam wish i found this server early
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    Here is a website I found with the commands on it for the residence plugin/mod. Hope this helps. If not, wellaway, I tried. Mr. Andy's youtube tutorial is awesome, but it sounds like people are having trouble figuring out how to expand maybe. So here: List
  19. What's the difference between residence, area and subzone?

    I actually managed to expand my residence with "add area"-command vertically, but it seems not working horizontally?

    What's the easiest way to expand my residence, if I originally made it too small?
  20. Tarqquin figured this out...from another thread: