How To: Advanced Block Crafting (Chiseled Quartz)

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  1. People were shocked when I revealed this recipe late one night, so I thought I would throw together a quick tutorial on advanced decorative block crafting.

    You can craft additional types of decorative blocks from 2 block types currently that I know of. Those are Sandstone and Quartz blocks.

    For Quartz there are 3 types of blocks (not including half slabs):

    Regular Quartz block (from 4 quartz ore):


    Quartz Pillar block (from 2 quartz block stacked):


    And by restacking quartz slabs in the crafting window, Chiseled Quartz Block:


    For sandstone there are:

    Regular Sandstone (from sand):


    Smooth Sandstone (from 4 of any type of sandstone):


    And then if you make sandstone slabs and reassemble them in the crafting window, you get Chiseled Sandstone:


    Here is what all the blocks look like in the default texture pack (from left to right regular, pillar, chiseled and half slabs in front):


    (From left to right chiseled, smooth, regular with half slabs in front)


    Here's a link to the full imgur album if you want a quick reference for these recipes:

    Also, these recipes are listed on the wiki.

    I tested regular red brick, stone, cobble, and stone brick as well and these types of combinations do not work to yield chiseled stone or chiseled stone brick yet. Maybe they will add them in a later version of minecraft.

    Oh, lastly, if you didn't know, you can smelt netherrack into nether bricks which then get crafted into netherbrick. (like clay to bricks to brick blocks)
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    Nice tutorial! Chiseled stone is found in jungle temples, don't think they can be crafted.

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  3. Unfortunately regular quartz blocks don't render properly on the live map, but chiseled and pillar quartz does. I have no idea why, and would love to know.
  4. I am hoping/assuming this will be fixed in a future plugin update. Please say it is so, Matt?