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  1. I know how to post a picture from a website, but how would I post one of my own on the forums? It's a pita uploading them to my blog and using that to link. Is there a more direct way?

    I usually post from my Toshiba laptop or Samsung phone if that helps.

    Thanks for any advice.
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    Here ya go :)

    EDIT: and obviously I cannot spell on this glorious Monday :D

  3. I run into errors a lot when trying to upload files. Most of the time it is because if file size i'm thinking.
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    i find that the upload thing doesnt like full size screenshots in the format they are saved in so i have to open them in paint and save em as .jpg, sometimes its not even screenshots but snippets of the map that it doesnt like, yet again saved in .png, so my guess is the site doesnt like png's

    most of the time i upload my pics to imgur anyways, but it is convenient to do it within the post im making.
  5. Testing. Took a pic of my soggy feather babies after the rain today.
  6. Maybe my phone takes pics that are too big. That's a shame.
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    What you can do, like snake said, is upload the pics to an image hosting website like photobucket or imgur and use the image URL code to display them here.
    For example...
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