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  1. Heyy ;)
    My name is Ash, I turned 19 this May, and I'm currently about to start my second year of university ^^, I'm doing a course in Computer Systems and really enjoying it :D I like to read, play video games, program (duh :p) and have this odd obsession with quantum physics... :oops: I also like to listen and explore many different kinds of music :p
    I hope we can get along and become buddies :D
    Take care!
  2. Is Ash your in-game name?
  3. Nope, Ash is my irl nickname,
    My username is AshThatBurns :3

    Does my name need to be my username :eek:
  4. I'm going to go out on a limb here and gues your major. Emoticon Sciences?
  5. It makes it easier... ;)
  6. So I've scoured the menus, and so far haven't found any ways to change my name :/
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    Not sure that you can.. as long as it is in the IGN field on your profile you're good.
  8. Yeah... I didn't mean have it as your forum name... just that someone could find it. Matt changed my forum name to my IGN upon whitelisting me. Don't know if he does that for everyone.
  9. Ohh, well I suppose that's no problem then, cuz my IGN is AshThatBurns
  10. Matt

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  11. Thanks so much! ^^,
    I got overexcited and read it all while doing laundry :p:D
    Can't wait to get started!!