Hey... hey guys... what music are you listening to?

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    I had this great idea for a forum topic....
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    someone's hankering for some music! i'll start this off.

    Danger Beach

    The Kissaway Trail - "New Lipstick"
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    WTF u stole my Topic ? I already had one Hahahha
  5. Matt wants friends to talk music. Aww
  6. I listen to soma.fm radio stations usually when playing Minecraft. Groove Salad, Drone Zone, Space Station Soma are my favorites there. I usually either listen to music or join Mumble, so that's why you don't always see me around Mumble when I play.
  7. Just this LOL

  8. what am i listening to?...
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    Behold, the two greatest songs ever made. There are none, NONE better.
    Anyone who thinks that it exists songs that are better than these two must have soiled their pants while having egg on their faces, because they are wrong, nothing can ever match these two masterpieces.

    This Pink Floyd song is on the album that is called Dark Side Of The Moon, which imo is the best album ever made. And what I am doing here is almost to be considered as desecration, you should not listen to a song from an album that Pink Floyd created, you should listen to the whole album in one listening. They had as a goal not to make albums with random songs that didn't go together. They made an album where each song continues of from the one before, and hooks up to the one that follows. For the full experience you should listen to the whole album from start to finish. But, as I know, some of you have a really bad taste when it comes to music, so I am going to give you the option to just listen to this song alone.

    But, for those of you who feel that you are something more than the common bum who listens to music to fill their heads with something other than their own boring thoughts, I have included the whole album here. Listen, enjoy, and reach out to something higher and bigger than yourself.

    This is the seccond song that I mentioned earlier, this is by Black Sabbath and it is called Planet Caravan. This song was on the Paranoid album that Sabbath released in 1970, regarded by many to be one of the strongest albums ever to be released. The album itself has many great songs like Fairies Wear Boots, Paranoid, which also is the name of the album, Hand Of Doom, Iron Man and War Pigs. This album was about american soldiers returning from the Vietnam war. Listenening to Hand Of Doom makes it really clear, because the name of the song is infact the metafor they use to explain the drug abuse and paranoia that many soldiers returned with. It's more than just another song, early Sabbath wrote songs with subtext and meaningfull lyrics, and they went deep into subjects that no one really liked to talk about back then.

    But enough nerdy music facts, here is the song that I wanted to you listen to.
    It's called Planet Caravan. It's a soft song, it's almost as if your ears are filled with silk or velvet when you indulge yourself in this song that is a work of art. I know it's really weird to imagine that, but listen to it and I bet you will feel the same way. Beatiful song.

    And as before, you should really listen to the whole album, allthough it isn't as important with Sabbath as it is with Pink Floyd, but it adds something more to your listening experience imo. This album is also considered to be one of the most influential and defining heavy metal albums of all time. Sabbath was in many ways the first real Heavy Metal band, and this album really left it's mark on the genre. So here is the whole album if you are feeling like having a lyrical orgasm.
  10. Nice to see Lars_Eh's soft, silky and velvety artistic side. I haven't listened to much Black Sabbath lately but I have been convinced to download a couple albums after that elaborate post :)

  11. Also, this album by Sigur Ros is pure bliss
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    I started singing "diamonds on the soles of her shoes" when Brian was looking for his missing boots, and talking about it in mumble. When I asked everyone if they knew what song I was singing, nobody knew. And I was sad.....

    So I gave Paul Simon's "Graceland" album a listen

  14. Lars is right, DotM was the greatest album ever recorded. Every single note on that album is perfect.

    I am in a folk music swing right now, Mumford & sons got me hooked. But when I am not listening to that I am a Green Day, Lit, Third Eye Blind, 90's Alt guy. Still I'll throw in some Naught by Nature, and good rap music when I am feeling in the mood. And I am never with out my Dropkick Murphy's, Bouncing Souls, Pennywise, and Bad Religion. So yeah I turn on the radio and as long as its not pop bullshit, I wont change the channel.