Hey guys :)

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  1. My name is Isaac Newton (No, Seriously),
    Im a 18 (almost 19) year old college student in the northern united states
    Devout theater and performing arts kid who's looking for a casual play MC server.
    Would love to play with you all, thanks for the consideration!

    P.s, IGN is Igkn, also, found this place on google and im crazy impressed :)
  2. Sorry, I missed your ingame message. As long as it's not on my island, I am happy for you to TP to me if you become member :) The whole island I am on is marked for mosiacs.
  3. Thank you much Aynallah, now I just have to wait to be accepted...Who do I have to sacrifice?
  4. Diggin' the dude. He got my thumbs up in-game.
  5. *Obsessively checks to see if there are any responses*
  6. Voljub


    It sometimes takes a little wile. We only have one admin, and that's the owner. He'll sweep through and review applications all in one go.
  7. I know haha, I had a super light load at work and school this week so I was definitly looking forward to getting some good ol' MC in. Ah well, I get it, RL comes first.
  8. Bumping for love <3
  9. WTFbeccca

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  10. It seems I have been skipped :(
  11. Bumping...because I need to play! @Matt
  12. Just realized the one-month anniversary of posting this falls on my birthday....here's to hoping its filled by then!
  13. My birthday and the monthevirsary have come and gone. Assassindreams has convinced me the that the only way to summon @Matt is not by tagging, but by flooding the post with boobs. Lots, and lots of boobs. Because I am hesitant, I view this as a extreme measure and will not commence the flood until the end of this week. Prepare your (Lady)boners ladies and gents. Its coming.
  14. RiverSpring


    as was I.
    and I have a couple more days of waiting on you too ;)
  15. Going on two months...I regret the lack of boobs, I merely dont have time...and dont really feel like searching for tits in a public college campus. XD
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    Pretty sure you'd be fine. I mean, what college student DOESN'T look for tits whether it's IRL or online...? ;)