Help....stuck in my res!!!

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  1. Im stuck in my own res glitch, I Tp'd in and ended up in the floor, half under water and I am kicked for flying every time I log in....literally 2 seconds after, no time to do anything! No one can come dig me out, my res is set to not let anyone break blocks. Im so bloody anyone? I have no time to type anything, most I can get in is /ho......

    I was away mining, went back to my res and seem to have struck the same trouble I have had with other res's with falling through the floor, I know a few people have had this recently, but mine is a solid floor, so I am not going anywhere!

    I have logged off, totally disconnected the game, waited hours and still I log in to being kicked for flying.
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  2. Suggestion: Try downloading Minechat on your phone and setting it to "Spawn on Connect". (there is a free version)
    It might be able to help you get to spawn to get out of the glitch.

    If this works, you will be at spawn when you log into your PC.
  3. Thanks I will give that a go
  4. Thank you Vikki! Worked a treat :)
  5. You're welcome. :)