Gladiatorial Arena . . . maybe?

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Gladiatorial Arena?

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  1. Mikoleye

    Mikoleye Supporter

    Im thinkin of building a team/solo arena for fights and fun stuff like that, just seein if anyone would use it lol.
    Its a bit early in the planning stage but id like it to be nether vs overworld (red vs green er something) theme and 3 vs 3 and 1 vs 1 fights.
    Definitely have some kind of prizes and traps and obstacles to dodge while fighting, maybe some zombie pigmen too. Any ideas would be welcomed and encouraged.
  2. I could be mistaken, but I believe there is already an island setup for this. If I am wrong, I am would be willing to help out if you get a decent following.
  3. Mikoleye

    Mikoleye Supporter

    I see, well i believe that i have some ideas that would really make it unique and fun.
  4. mydogiswellhuge

    mydogiswellhuge Supporter

  5. Mikoleye

    Mikoleye Supporter

    i dont suppose you got the cords so i can peep it out?
  6. Sporkdom

    Sporkdom Supporter

    I am not sure there is one on Zune is there? I know about the ones on World.
  7. mydogiswellhuge

    mydogiswellhuge Supporter

    Ah, world yes, zune no :)
  8. MissMijo

    MissMijo Supporter

    We did build an arena, we do it on every map. /res tp arena :)

    It's an mob arena. There are 3 spawners under the ground ( 2zombies & 1spiders ) that we spread out over 5 doors ( 4 zombies, 1 spider ).
    You stand in the middle, just afk for 10-15 minutes, and the mobs will build up behind the doors.
    There is also a sixth door, with pigman, we made portals to spawn them and lead them to the arena.
    All spawners can be turned on/off individually, so you decide what you are going to fight.

    The doors can be opened and closed individually ( for the zombies, there will be 2 doors opening at the same time ) and you can fight hordes like that.
    There is also 8 beacons helping you out while you're fighting.
    All drops, will end up in the control room in some chests ( whole floor is made out of hoppers ).

    PVP is off in this res, because with all the mobs, you just chop around you with your sword, and you dont want to hit other people by accident.

    If you use the mob arena, you might wanna keep an eye on the entity count ( F3 ), it can add up pretty fast.

    It's not an pvp arena, so the idea is different, maybe you can get some idea's from ours. Good luck with your project!

    This was our first one, different map.
  9. MissMijo

    MissMijo Supporter

    This is /res tp arena ( had some trouble adding it in the other post )



    The Iron golems are not always there, I just put them down sometimes.
    Pictures where made while we where still working on it ( always working on it )
  10. That looks like fun, definitely hitting that up when I get back.
  11. Mikoleye

    Mikoleye Supporter

    looks saweeeet! ill have to check it out