Fuck this and fuck that

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    [Supporter] JackHair: FUCK this keyboard
    [Supporter]malajunta: fuck that, each one get's a plantation, that's it
    [Supporter] mapcratic: well fuck this, i'll come back later
    [Member] asmackk: fuck this
    [Member] SuparSteve: Ama go fuck this one. CYa's later!
    [Supporter] kasuals: fuck this guy
    [Supporter] ChellePort: FUCK that SUCKS kewl :/
    [Supporter] JackHair: Fuck this server
    [Supporter] Mr_Cortus: fuck that
    [Supporter] fiskit_says: fuck that guy
    [Supporter] NchantedHoe: fuck that guy -.-
    [Supporter] Teyrz: fuck that guy
    [Supporter] fiskit_says: not you Ogr3
    [Supporter] fiskit_says: different 'fuck that guy' target
    [Supporter] fiskit_says: fuck this guy
    [Supporter] Sgtoctopusi: fuck that
    [Supporter] Mr_Cortus: 23 was my age when i married my exwife, fuck that age
    [Member] Duongcraft: fuck that shit
    [Supporter] Teyrz: ex, you'd fuck that girl in the poop chute too
    [Supporter] Wyatt_Smash: boring as fuck. fuck that show
    [Supporter] Cryptomeria: he said fuck that asshole lars and left
    [Supporter] saaaammmmmm: we still have irc, someone will surely won't fuck that up
    [Supporter] qwertybeastlove: invite's are not needed for mumble. unless your brian. fuck that guy
    [Supporter] Teyrz: fuck that guy's internet issues
    [Supporter] Mr_Cortus: FUCK THIS PLACE, LIARS!!
    [Supporter] Tibal: 17 emeralds = FF II... fuck this guy
    [Supporter] mapcratic: fuck this night
    <mapcratic> fuck this weather
    [Supporter] Mandasity: oh fuck this
    [Supporter] princessbabby: godddd fuck this lag
    [Member] Didimaulongtime: Fuck this, I quit
    [Supporter] NchantedHoe: fuck this shit
    [Member] SonofSpermcube: home set back at my remote island. now let's see if I can not fuck this up again
    [Supporter] miss_cruentatus: fuck this res bollocks
    [Supporter] WTFbeccca: FUCK THIS SHIT
    <mapcratic> fuck this, be back in a bit
    <NchantedHoe> no me.. I was FUCK this STUPID FUCKING GAME
    <RocketTam> FUCK this rain!
    <RocketTam> fuck this bastard
    <supersnaketate> fuck this system
    [Supporter] Tators19: Crypt is like: "oh god, fuck this server tonight"
    [Member] Theo_Payton: fuck this lag D:<
    [Supporter] NchantedHoe: fuck this, i'm outa here
    [Supporter] Krazykrakerjaxx: fuck this server!
    [Member] ruggmuncha: fuck this games too hard
    [Supporter] TantricSarcasm: fuck this..TNT time
    Kreskofter: Fuck this, fuck that.. But most of all. Fuck you :)
    [Supporter] Tibal: Heh, fuck this kid. Apply if you want Killrar...
    therisinghippo: fuck this!
    <exile500> you know what? this game is stupid. fuck this game
    exile500 left the game.
    exile500 joined the game.
    <exile500> i missed it already
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  3. fuck that list of quotes since im not on it...
  4. Sporkdom

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    What fuckery!
  5. mydogiswellhuge

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    Surely we have fucked just as much shit up as anyone else here? i mean ffs!
  6. mapcratic

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    @Avaross30: Sorry, this is all I can find. Your language is pretty upstanding.

    [Supporter] Avaross30: fuck no?
  7. mapcratic

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    Well... fuck it. Long version:

    [Supporter] MinerMajor: who are the assfuck twins?
    [Supporter] Keasop: fuck off steve
    camullins drank some water, now they're fuckin dead
    [Member] Cadetwolf: Pain the fuckin ass, I tell you
    The WoodenAxe is an amazing server! And also TheScruffumz fell down and died, so fuck em!
    [Member] Silael: fuck yeah, Turmion!
    [Supporter] KyleraRhea: fucker
    [Supporter] KyleraRhea: They take buttfucking to whole new levels. I'm NOT a backdoor girl damnit.
    [Supporter] Warteks: u wanna fuck her? she could use a good fuck
    [Member] Mustangfreak: some motherfucker came into my base and stole shit
    [Supporter] Keasop: fuck canada
    [Supporter] Aesami: I had a fuckin dream I got another paper trader
    [Member] TheGovernor_: what the actual fuck...I just signed on and all of my inventory is gone
    [Supporter] glt1022: must've gotten virtually fucked
    guest JeffreyF: Jesus, you guys are fucking idiots.
    [Supporter] flixorr: fucking butters.....
    [Supporter] fiskit_says: are you reading some sort of fucked up Dr Seuz shit there Tam?
    [Supporter] RocketTam: fuck
    [Member] kmoneeee: fuck chickens
    [Member] kmoneeee: i will bring a fucking sword this time
    [Member] XclbRican: what the fuck is with this lag
    [Supporter] fiskit_says: i'm in game..? fuck me right?
    [Member] kewl: fuckin plebs
    [Supporter] NchantedHoe: tfuck that shit Tam lol.. chicks outlive men, so I say get em while they're young!
    [Member] kmoneeee: he is fucking hot though
    [Member] XclbRican: wait fuckj did i miss the sex talk
    [Member] Susachan: lol "i fucked a mermaid"
    [Member] Resroc: Well this is fucking aggravating
    [Member] kmoneeee: fuck that shit daddy
    [Member] Daddy_pika: Holy fuck.
    [Member] XclbRican: fucking creeper made me lose tunneler v3
    [Supporter] Tators19: There's some fucking awesome sushi not far from me
    [Member] Daddy_pika: It's crab, Rice, and cheddar fucking cheese.
    [Member] XclbRican: fuck seafood
    [Member] XclbRican: seminole county was great for me, but orange county public schools were fucking stupid
    [Member] kmoneeee: my parents sheltered teh fuck out of me
    [Member] kmoneeee: they were so fucking weird about it
    [Member] XclbRican: my mom called me a fuckface once, i was confused
    [Supporter] Mandasity: fuck work at metal.. everytime someone does that they die and lose their items lol
    [Supporter] Mandasity: oh fuck this
    [Member] kmoneeee: you're fuckign crazy and he tells other people that
    [Member] kmoneeee: when you apologize and admit that i'm the fucking best
    [Supporter] rmjelinek: don't care who you like to fuck.
    [Member] Deepfinger: ok, im going to eat and I WILL be back. you've been fuckin warned n stuff. #flex #smells great
    [Supporter] rmjelinek: i will say that dating in your 40s fucking sucks....lol
    [Supporter] Tators19: you fucking cunts
    [Member] darsheblows: fucking creeper
    [Supporter] exile500: fucker.
    [Supporter] NchantedHoe: fuck that guy
    [Member] popohum: sounds like an amazing fucking evening
    [Member] XclbRican: fukity fuck i just looked at an enderman
    [Supporter] Amelyth: who the fuck is schuh and who let them into sv?
    [Supporter] exile500: i fucking hate those things
    [Supporter] fiskit_says: one finger MC, fuck me right
    [Supporter] PastaNinja: oh fuck
    [Supporter] PastaNinja: fuck rl
    [Supporter] rmjelinek: why the fuck would someone want to hang out with fuckers in mc that they see in rl?
    [Supporter] rmjelinek: that's fucking ludicrous....
    [Supporter] PastaNinja: who are you fucking?
    [Supporter] PastaNinja: you're fucking hellomaties? good for him
    [Supporter] Tibal: The super tan guy's eyebrows are fucked
    [Supporter] movada: no i droped a fucking diamond shovel onto zarlors blocks and cant get it
    [Supporter] movada: fuck ya
    [Supporter] fiskit_says: ya, well fuck you then
    [Supporter] IntoxicatedMonki: fuckfuefuckneuifnuiweqhf89q34th3489
    [Supporter] Teezea: ebil lil fucker
    [Supporter] Mr_Cortus: fuck that guy
    [Supporter] NchantedHoe: yeah fuck that guy
    [Supporter] mapcratic: fuck em
    [Supporter] PastaNinja: fuck that guy
    ErikaVee got fucked up by a Skeleton
    [Supporter] Tators19: what the fuck kinda problems does Gravity have?
    [Member] Daddy_pika: Had no clue what the fuck a creeper was. I just saw some green 8-bit
    [Supporter] Tators19: I played an IKEA mod once, that was fucking awesome
    [Supporter] Tators19: you fucking EARN a PhD
    [Supporter] Lars_Eh: That fucking idiot
    [Supporter] killrar: fuck you too lars
    [Supporter] Teezea: he's just fucking with ya, ignore the derp
    [Supporter] Tators19: you missed me, mothafucka
    [Supporter] Tators19: well, stop fuckin flying then
    [Member] darsheblows: cluck cluck motherfucker
    [Member] kmoneeee: fuck that word
    [Member] kmoneeee: maybe i just don't know what the fuck i'm talking about anymore
    [Supporter] PastaNinja: does anyone know why Minecraft installs way the fuck down ?
    [Supporter] Mandasity: hahaha and shots.. fuck good typo
    [Supporter] Mandasity: not only are they collecters items but they fucking suck
    [Member] Resroc: oh man this is going to get fucking angering
    [Supporter] Jiineta: fuck you exile
    [Member] miss_cruentatus: the other one he has laggs like fuck
    [Member] kmoneeee: eh fuck that
    [Supporter] Mr_Cortus: when i eat popcorn, i like it buttery and salty as fuck
    [Supporter] Garbage_Balloon: I pretty fucking stupid but fab
    [Member] kmoneeee: fuck all this lava
    [Member] miss_cruentatus: fucking creepers just blew those animals up ffs
    [Member] kmoneeee: other mobs won't fuckwith animals will they?
    [Sightseer] Mr_Cortus: fuck
    [Member] miss_cruentatus: dont attck those angry fuckers
    [Supporter] Tators19: fuck that guy
    [Supporter] 7ommy9UnN3r: tam took me to see the redwood trees yesterday.. those things are fuckin awesome!!
    [Supporter] miss_cruentatus: fucking invisable spiders
    [Member] XclbRican: fucking ac is out today and im dying
    [Member] WillWilliamson: ...fuck
    [Supporter] fiskit_says: oh for fuck sakes willy
    [Supporter] fiskit_says: suck the fuck up
    [Supporter] lollyanna: willy we havent touched on the tit wanking, anal fucking, face slapping, ball licking yet
    [Member] Susachan: if it looks good and you want to fuck it, you are pansexual (frying pans included
    [Supporter] miss_cruentatus: England is fucking discusting and getting worse
    [Supporter] qwertybeastlove: fuck off
    [Member] mou5head: would have been nice to know b4 building this fucking monstricity
    [Supporter] ConvictedFelon: I love when people say "What the fuck? Why are you attacking me?!?"
    [Supporter] miss_cruentatus: mine was fit as fuck but wow she was mental
    [Supporter] miss_cruentatus: in the fucking kitchen
    [Supporter] sirben: nah just plain fucking in the kitchens better
    [Supporter] miss_cruentatus: fucking villagers and clocks and compasses ARGHHHHHHH
    [Supporter] Pikk_Ax: you have wood but no crafting table, hmmmm. yep youre fucked
    [Supporter] princessbabby: fuckers!
    [Supporter] WTFbeccca: does anyone have a fuckload of chicken eggs
    [Supporter] miss_cruentatus: fuck fuck fuckety fuck fuck fuck
    [Supporter] aaron748: Im not fucking babysitting
    [Supporter] princessbabby: fucking skeleton made me knock my chest down
    [Supporter] princessbabby: those fucking spiders
    [Supporter] princessbabby: fucking tiny zombie
    [Supporter] sirben: is it wrong to say im fucking horny
    [Supporter] sirben: so yeah fucking horny
    [Supporter] Tators19: it fucking sucks
    [Supporter] Tators19: fucking costco
    [Member] kmoneeee: and idk, i need a fucking break from it lol
    [Supporter] miss_cruentatus: i bloody well fucking didely did
    [Supporter] princessbabby: fuck it
    [Supporter] sirben: why the fuck can i not find wolfs
    [Supporter] Tators19: that's so fucking elitist
    opie641 got fucked up by a Skeleton
    [Supporter] exile500: fuck you, bill
    [Supporter] exile500: fuckers
    [Supporter] Tators19: and whoever's dog this is, get it the fuck out of here
    [Supporter] Teyrz: the fuck
    [Member] AnToast: and naturally my fucking headset doesnt want to comply.
    [Supporter] supersnaketate: crypto you wouldnt happen to have a fucktonne of cobweb would you, and be interested in donating to
    [Supporter] Cryptomeria: how much is a fuckton
    [Supporter] Tators19: fucking hilarious
    [Supporter] Teyrz: the fuck lars, the fuck
    [Member] sammiyoyo: how the fuck do I get to a shop?
    [Supporter] Teyrz: fuck that guy
    [Supporter] Teyrz: see you--- fuck
    [Supporter] princessbabby: godddd fuck this lag
    [Supporter] therisinghippo: fuckkkkk
    [Supporter] lollyanna: fuck, are we swearing too much, shit im so sorry, im such a bitch
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    [Supporter] RocketTam: Zerk said tits
    [Supporter] fiskit_says: titties
    [Supporter] Warteks: punch a girl in the tits and then ask her how she feels
    [Supporter] MR_ANDY: show me them tits girl
    guest hannahb17: tits nice
    [Supporter] nycpixie: tit's /chat
    [Supporter] JackHair: I wish my tits were rich
    [Supporter] ChellePort: tits
    [Supporter] KyleraRhea: it'd better have two great tit domes formed . . .
    [Supporter] 7ommy9UnN3r: i still have these giant tits im building under water over here...
    [Member] Teyrz: tits*
    [Member] Zane_the_Blaze13: nibbles and bits and tits and BEADS!
    guest TheGinger125987: tits
    [Supporter] btug: titballs
    [Supporter] fiskit_says: calm your tits scooter
    [Supporter] btug: res tp tit.balls
    [Supporter] Teyrz: lol still waiting on tits :p
    [Supporter] 7ommy9UnN3r: yes.. still needs tits
    [Supporter] Voljub: tits the best
    [Supporter] mydogiswellhuge: tittays?
    [Supporter] omnomnom91: chocolate on tittays?
    [Supporter] rmjelinek: the tits, they are a-flyin'
    [Supporter] Zane_the_Blaze13: cacks and titties! cacks and titties!
    guest darkchaos615: titfucks?
    [Supporter] supersnaketate: 8 minutes in and there area lready tits
    [Supporter] Kreskofter: tits
    [Supporter] PastaNinja: you need to be old enough to legally show us your tits
    [Member] XclbRican: i mean if we do that we would have to go tit for tat
    [Member] XclbRican: and i just realized i said tit for tat while talking about bewbs
    [Supporter] fiskit_says: tits out everyone
    [Supporter] RocketTam: titassss
    [Supporter] Tibal: Graciously licking titties.
    [Member] Droek: extreme tits biome plugin
    [Supporter] fiskit_says: tits!
    [Supporter] PastaNinja: i want to see your tits, tha's all
    [Member] kmoneeee: yer tits pasta
    [Supporter] CinnabarCleric: tits or gtfo
    [Supporter] PastaNinja: titspank
    [Supporter] qwertybeastlove: titspank?
    [Supporter] PastaNinja: speaking of titspank
    [Supporter] lollyanna: talking of tits, i have back ache :/
    [Supporter] ColonelPancakes: because of tits?
    [Supporter] PastaNinja: who doesnt' enjoy a good titspank?
    [Supporter] RocketTam: omg not end tittties entities
    [Supporter] 7ommy9UnN3r: end tities?
    [Supporter] RocketTam: entities not en titties
    [Supporter] 7ommy9UnN3r: tits to end all
    [Supporter] Cryptomeria: end titties
    [Supporter] fiskit_says: tits
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  10. Where the fuck have you been?
  11. _Crabwich_

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    From the title, I thought this was gonna be a Sex Pistols lyrics thread.
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    This shit is GOLD