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  1. Hi.

    Wooden Axe was my first foray into Minecraft. I put more hours into this server than I care to admit. I built the spawn of the 2012 map (the one with the goofy space needle thing ) and left not too long after that because my young nephew started playing and the "adults only" aspect meant we couldn't play here.

    I started my own server because all of the "kid friendly" servers I could find were shit. I apparently wasn't the only one that realized this - The Sandlot grew and grew and became and still is the largest "family friendly" Minecraft server. It's approaching 10 years old now. There's always people online and player counts seem to fluctuate between 20 - 100.

    I loved it here and modeled The Sandlot after everything I liked about it. The rules are mostly the same. The only real difference is that everything must stay PG. It's not a "kiddie server" - it's run by adults and has a healthy and positive community. It's heavily moderated and for the most part the kids are great and keep each other in line. It really is a magical place.

    All of the staff are adults and lots of adults play there. There's a wide range of different game modes available, so whatever you are into you can probably find it there. The community is positive and it feels a lot like Wooden Axe did, just without the sex, drugs and rock and roll.

    If you are looking for somewhere to get back into Minecraft, check it out. It is whitelisted and you have to apply and be approved before playing but that is a simple process.

    Thank you Matt for the many good years. Thanks for keeping these forums up - it brings back memories. Feel free to remove this if it's in any way inappropriate.
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    Seems like an awful place.
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    So, PG-13?