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    I see a bunch of the OGs have taken to Discord over our humble Mumble.
    I too have set up a Discord server for my own purposes, which you can join at https://discord.gg/pAdsBUK

    What is Discord you might be asking? Its kind of like mumble/teamspeak/ventrillo, mixed with skype. it does everything... but it's free to set up your own servers for whatever you might need one for. Have an art stream? (IE @Amelyth ) Discord got you covered... Have a raiding guild in that MMORPG that's exactly like all those other MMORPGs? Discord has ya!

    You can run it through your web browser... if you're a filthy kasual... Real OGs download the desktop client at https://discordapp.com/ and create an account.

    You can add friends and set it up to run with your skype or other social media bullshit to better communicate with other Discord users.

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