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Discussion in 'Origin' started by Diemex, Dec 26, 2013.

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    Also, as hard as it is to get villager trading going in this mod if you take away the diamond trades there is almost no reason to have a villager trading system. I resort to using villagers as opposed to mining at depth as to the serious risk. I have payed in other ways to get my limited diamond gear (as of now I have 1 D sword, shovel, ax, pick, helmet and BP and one preist that will give me an Eff 2 ax enchant) and I have probably spent 10x the time it would have taken me to gather the diamonds and xp to recreate my gear, I mean my BP cost me 16 emerald BLOCKS +5 emeralds. Thats 149 emeralds and equates to over 9 stacks of lets say coal at a trade of 4:1. Mining 9 stacks of coal for 1 BP seems more than sufficient a price to pay for the equivalent of 8 diamnonds which you could theoretically find in one vein if your lucky.
    The only thing that may be OP for villager trading is the cost of iron gear. I mean 4-6 emeralds for an iron pick is amazing, so maybe the cost of iron needs to be increased? Maybe some of the other diamond gear increased to reflect closer to the BP cost (18.625 emeralds per diamond). Like maybe make diamond gear 25-32 emeralds per diamond or something.
  2. That sounds awesome
  3. You are forgetting: glowstone, redstone, eye of enders

    This is a funny mob I could add :D "dinnerbunny" - I think it should have a derpy effect or attacks. Throwing carrots or something crazy xDD

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    It has two heads?! DP bunny.... That's just awful. I bet only @CaptLou gets this.
  5. There's a line somewhere between annoying repetitive actions and challenging gameplay. Not everyone will have the same opinion about where that line is but cross it too far and you'll drive players away. Some of these suggestions sound scary to me, in that they will ruin the game and just make it too much routine bullshit. Remember its a game, you dont have to make it super "realistic" (what about needing the toilet? or you'll start taking damage from internal bleeding or something).

    Thirst? Come on, isnt that covered by hunger already? Just sounds like a real waste of time to me. Its going to be another boring thing you have to keep up with, its not like obtaining water is a challenge.

    Was it EverQuest I where the copper, silver, and gold coins were all different, were not automatically exchangeable, and contributed to encumbrance so if you were carrying 5000 copper coins around you were fucked? It was just a pain in the arse, contributed nothing to the game, and was removed in future games.
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    • torches can start fires
  8. Nooooooooo
  9. Suggestion: Have food rot in inventory

    Why? What could possibly be the purpose of this?

    At the moment I play like this, and I guess many other people do: spend a session or two tending my farms, stocking up on food, then go and do something interesting until I run out of food, go back to step one. This is fine, yes, I have to spend some time collecting food, but its manageable and I still get to do loads of other stuff.

    If food were to rot I would have to change my play style: every single session, spend the first half an hour collecting food, then go out and do stuff.

    Where is the challenge here? That's not challenging, its bloody annoying.

    Unless you introduce refrigeration as well, or maybe "salting" meat ... keeps for longer but doesnt return as much food value.

    Of course there's a pretty easy workaround for this: assuming that food only rots when the chunk is loaded, find a spot far enough way that the chunk unloads when you are in your base/mine/wherever, put a chest .. thats your food store.

    So, to summarize: no challenge, only annoyance + easy workaround if you know how = abandon idea
  10. Regarding food:
    In previous playthroughs it has always come to a stage where I had so much food in abundance that it was no issue whatsoever. I would die and just take another stack of food. I really enjoy it at the beginning where food is so scarce that you would die because I had no food and didn't regenerate. I have had a few people suggest that food rots. I first didn't like the idea, but then started to see the point in it.

    I'm not too sure yet that I will start implementing it and test it out. It is a bit risky to spend time on it as it is not an easy thing to code and will require lots of testing and tweaking.

    If I make food rot: There will certainly be a kind of ice chest, some food forms will last a lot longer. Melon in blocks last longer than melon slices. Cooked meat lasts longer than raw meat. Not sure if I include like "dried" forms. It might get too grindy spending time to just have a stash of food that lasts very long. EHM is all about changing the way you play ;).

    Are there any tutorial messages that you would add for new players? I can add messages when any kind of monster starts tracking you, you enter something etc etc. For example there are currently no messages for spiders and skeletons.

    These two ideas will definetely be implemented so maybe you can add ideas to that:

    1.) https://trello.com/b/MP0MX9wf
    2.) https://trello.com/b/PdhmefW7
  11. Yeah, arrows don't hit skeletons? That doesn't make any sense to me - it increases the rage factor more than the challenge, when you've got one raining shit down from a high spot you can't reach.

    I'm into the idea that the hunger bar includes thirst - drinking stacked water bottles = eating some food. That would definitely help early game, even if the hunger bar decreases quickly.

    I can see how having a lot of food makes things easy, but I don't think rotting is the way to go. Rather, I think what people are reaching for could easily be achieved by increasing the hunger rate and slightly decreasing how much food works.
    If a stack of pork chops goes from lasting weeks and weeks in-game to just a few days, food production is something I constantly have to be on. Eating my way through a chest of food is more engaging than stocking up and then having the game shit on it all.
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    I think fixing the animal/villager infinite breeding "issue" would be best to solve first... then once it's more difficult to farm animals we can see if rotting food is even needed.
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    None really but to be honest zombies are a bit of a joke to an experienced player. Thought this may add flavor and apprehension/difficulty.
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    Finding stuff that @CaptLou doesn't get is as challenging as origin.
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    Says Mr. Only Died Once on Origin so Far Because 1337. Sure the zombies are easy in small doses, but they are super annoying with their constant resurrection and ambushing and they can be the key to getting killed by other things. I think zombies don't need any more buffing.
  16. I agree with Matt:
    Animals requiring grass is one of the few features that I have not seen implemented in any other plugin so far, that is the next thing I'm going to implement. I'm trying to also add new game mechanics to the game while making it harder. That's why I decided to make animals require grass instead of just imposing a limit to how many animals can spawn, which takes a fraction of the time I have to spent on my more complicated solution.

    what did you mean with "villager infinite breeding"? That is not going to be covered by "animals requiring grass". Or should villagers also eat grass :D? I'm aware of setups where you can breed villagers infinitely, I'm not sure if I should do something about that though.

    After that the armor changes are going to come, I already started working on that half a year ago and half finished it.

    To be clear: I aim to make the game harder and more balanced. Make it feel more like an actual game opposing a sand pit for children. I do not want to make the game impossibly hard, but want to make it challenging and remove ways of easily getting around things. I spent a lot of thought balancing things and trying out things. I also want to have fun playing, if I don't there is no point spending time on coding all this stuff.

    There are a few other things I'm currently thinking about:
    - buffing witches
    - buffing spiders
    - nerfing skeletons a bit, I have the feeling they are a bit too strong in comparison to other monsters
    - nerfing fishing, I think books with too good enchantments, e.g. lvl 3 and lvl4 enchantments should not be obtainable through fishing. lvl 1 or 2 should be the maximum.
  17. @Diemex, I'm wondering why you chose to remove the ability to obtain seeds from pumpkins? We've debated over the various reasons for it, but as the dev, I'm hoping you can offer insight.
  18. Melons and pumpkins do not require you to replant the seeds. They are extremely easy to farm, in fact they are the only plants that can be harvested fully automatically. You can farm them fully automatically with pistons and hoppers. I'm actually already planning on building me a automated farm on origin.

    Not many players are aware that you can craft pumpkin pie which gives you 4 food hunches. Pumpkin pie is actually one of the easiest foodsources as it requires only easily farmable materials which can all be harvested fully automatic. Also it's nice when you actually find seeds in a dungeonchest, that you will still take them with you. If they where craftable, you would just think "meh".
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    so you can get seeds from pumpkins? or break a stalk to get seeds? Although I don't think I've seen stalks at the natural pumpkin patches I've found so far.
  20. So not being able to get seeds from pumpkins is so that you'll get more excited about finding seeds in chests. OK, got it. :)