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Discussion in 'Origin' started by Diemex, Dec 26, 2013.

  1. I'm interested to know what features you would like to see on origin!
    (I work on extrahardmode)

    Not possible:

    • Add new mobs
    • Change textures / models
    • Change anything that requires your game to render/display something differently
    • Add new blocks
    • Add new meters / progress bars (UI)

    • Use anything that is in the game in a way it's not meant to:
      • Display rpg like "huds" in the scoreboard with numeric values "thirst 5/20"
      • Use the wither/enderdragon healthbar as progressbar (possible, haven't tried)

    Everything takes time, testing, coding, finding bugs:
    Time consumption: (rough estimate)
    1. Elaborate and very configurable features, like the proposed implementation of animals requiring (by far most time)
    2. More straightforward features without many bells and whistles (1/3 to 1/2 time of elaborate feature)
    3. Make a neutral monster aggressive and add custom behaviour (depends)
    4. Change behavior of already aggressive monsters (depends if I have already coded the behaviour or if its new)
    Basically: The time consumption increases almost exponentially with the "elaborateness". So when something is very elaborate and doesn't have to be please tell me and save me some time.

    Trello: I like to use Trello to structure ideas. My boards are public so you can comment on them. I can also add you to the boards as member so you can post your own cards.


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  2. I like the Armor idea, would give other armors besides iron and diamond some merit.
  3. auximage


    Rain in swamp area slows you down because of mud.
    Treking through desert requires you to have water? (Don't know if possible, drink bucket of water like milk.)
    Must feed horses for them to not lose health.
    Lightning randomly strikes unlit nether portals, lighting them for mobs to come through.
  4. I read through the posts on the dev site. My question about the animals is, aging and starving the animals sounds like an interesting way to counter lag farming. However, how would this affect the "wild" animals?

    Also, I would slow boats down, and make it possible to have the boat break in a lightning storm. Maybe have "soft" ice that would break when stepped on.
  5. junglemason

    junglemason Supporter

    Nice work, love the mod!

    I'll probably have more ideas...
    • If you're too heavy, you break through ice if it's above water.
    • Only a certain number of any animal/villager per chunk. If you reach the limit, no more can breed in that chunk.
    As for animal farming, I like the idea of limiting it somehow, but I would still want to be able to venture away for a while and at least have a way to repopulate if they all die while I'm away (and have my hidden breeding pairs in case someone decides to slaughter everything while I'm away).
  6. I read somewhere that mojang was considering something like this for vanilla.
  7. siamko

    siamko Supporter

    No infinite water, then add thirst bar. Thirst can be quenched by drinking from a bottle. Bottles can only be filled from caldron. Have thirst go down faster in deserts.
    Have food rot in inventory and chests.
    Animals need food and water
    Breeding increase reset time from 5 minutes to 60.
    Include natural disasters, typhoons, tornados, earthquakes, volcanos
    Have players age lose a heart container, have to use notch apple to get back a heart.
    Have to use regen, health, gold apple, notch apple, or regen beacon to heal
    Have beacon only last for so long without having to pay again.
    Random chance of becoming zombie, basically just have hunger until healed. Potion of weakness and notch apple

    That's it for now I will add more later
  8. A sexual frustration meter. Recharge by going afk in a dark room. 2 points if alone, 3 with a sheep or tame animal, 5 with a villager, full bar with another player. If three or more players are together, 2 will receive full bars, the third will drop to zero. Somebody always gets neglected in these situations.
  9. _Crabwich_

    _Crabwich_ Supporter

    First off: I've been loving the mod. It's frustratingly fun.
    Secondly: The fact that you are here soliciting feedback is awesome.
    Aggressive squids would be fun if they could also attack you in a boat with a chance of breaking the boat. They need better drops though. Maybe a very low chance of dropping a treasure item like fishing. Sailor drops enchanted book into the sea, squid eats book, squid attacks The Player, squid is gutted and book falls out.
    Skeleton's with a chance to spawn with swords and upgraded armor... and in packs. Skelly siege? Two sword wielding skeletons coupled with an archer would be a challenge.
    When fighting an Enderman a slight chance that they teleport you more on the Y axis. I.E. Deep into a cave system.
    All cobble has a chance to contain Silverfish. (This might be terribly annoying)
    Always spawn a pack of mobs around loot chests in Fortresses, Mine shafts, etc. when The Player is within 16 blocks.
    Villagers have no trades for diamond armor

    I only support armor slowing if it gives a definite advantage to leather. Leather does not slow you, iron/gold has medium affect and diamond has discernible slowing affect.
    Animals requiring grass is not a problem although additional feeding requirements would just be a grind that would get old fast.
    Being able to tame a skeleton horse would be fantastic. Maybe it could be extremely fast but have a short life expectancy (if ridden) and no way to keep it from expiring.
  10. I've been thinking about the animals. Another option to controlling breeding might be to have to tame the animals before you can breed them.

    I also think it would be interesting to see something done with the bats.
  11. Seriously though, this mod has done a fantastic job of making the survival aspects of the game difficult without becoming boring. If making the breeding/care of animals more realistic is the objective, keep in mind that the rewards of successfully raising the animal should also be more realistic. Server crashing swarms of cattle are necessary when it takes 4 of them to make a pair of boots. I love a grind as much as anyone, but there is a reason I had to stop playing dwarf fortress. (even though it's the best thing ever)
  12. Don't forget Chain armor, I know its only a drop, but it could end up being a good alt. to leather or iron.
  13. mikej1592

    mikej1592 Supporter

    armor? 90% of the time I run around nakid because soon as I craft any armor I find a charged creeper followed by the message "you have a chance to lose an item upon death, you have lost: Iron Chestplate" fml.
  14. mikej1592

    mikej1592 Supporter

    I do love the mod, my favorite is actually the trees part. I like it so much I wish the vanilla game had wood physics like that. And the chance of the world falling out from under you when you chop that first log is awesum.
  15. ButtUglyJeff

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    Man, you guys have issues. Its plenty hard now....

    ...I'd just love the humorous death messages here, like in world. With very little chat available, it would be quite welcome...
  16. Some great ideas from you and the rest of the members, this seems really interesting. I've only just started on Origin but it's really good. That being said here is my ideas:

    • I like the animals require grass
    • Armour slowing you down
    • I'd like to see skeletons duel wield
    • Is there a way we could duel wield (a sword in the shield part) obviously it wouldnt give more damage but it'll look cool.
    • I'd like to see more ocean creatures if possible.
    • The ability to tame zombies which decreases the range other zombies can attack (like having a tamed zombie near you makes other zombies lose the ability to see or smell you) kind of thing.
    • Skeleton mount sounds amazing.
    • Running on sand is slower, and you need to drink water more often.
    • I think we should have a thirst bar, that would go down 25% faster than hunger, that would be interesting and upon the thirst bar hitting 0 all your moves, your speed etc is 50% slower.
    • @siamko idea of the food rotting is a good idea too, or you put a chest in a cold area (surrounded in snow and ice) to preserve food, or you can put food into a crafting table with ice and it can "freeze" the food to preserve it.
    • Have to feed all your animals or they resort to cannibalism pmsl.
    • Although it wouldn't be needed i'd love to see Gold Armour come to more use, it's pretty useless at the moment. or maybe the ability to trim diamond armour. For example make a diamond chest piece, put it into a crafting table with 9 gold ingots and you can have gold trimmed diamond armour.

    I'll think of more, great ideas though all. ;)
  17. If thirst is added in, I'd like to see a water skin item. Make form leather, works like a bottle, but holds more water, maybe like 3 drinks, or make bottles of water stack.

    One of my favorite parts of Fallout: New vegas was the Hard core mode where you had to eat, sleep, and drink. Adding more of that to this server would be awesome.
  18. 1.) Could be incorporated into any weather effects, won't be a standalone feature
    3.) Was my biggest issue with horses, never bothered to implement it though because horses are so glitchy and laggy that I never use them
    4.) work > reward
    1.) Animals that where spawned through natural spawning won't be affected. However once you breed them they will age.
    2.) Can't think of a way to easily slow down boats
    3.) Possible, seems a bit "unecessary" to me, opinions?
    4.) Possible, not really convinced though
    1.) Have something like that planned, links to implementations at the bottom
    2.) Planned
    3.) Planned
    4.) Config option will be in "animals requiring gras"
    5.) There are plugins that do this, not a fan of pointless destruction that you cannot do anything against
    6.) I have been thinking about having health variable. You start out low and would increase the max health through different actions (not sure) like Zelda
    7.) Too extreme
    8.) Beacons are very hard to acquire
    9.) Point?
    2.) Agree they need better drops
    3.) Had skelis with swords at a stage, but removed because they didn't have an ability and were pretty easy to fight
    4.) I limited that because being on the surface and then being teleported into a cave unprepared was just unfair
    5.) This would be super duper annoying, but would make sense for normal stone
    6.) work > reward
    7.) can be configured in RebalanceVillagers, but removing diamond trades completely is probably the best
    8.) Yes wanted to make the cool colorable leather more popular
    9.) Feeding = no, but maybe you could bonemeal the gras from time to time. Animals eating tall grass would grow faster.
    10.) That would be awesome, but first they have to spawn naturally
    1.) Overcomplication?
    2.) Yes wanted make witches spawn them, but its a neutral monster so I have to add the AI.
    1.) Drops could be increased, less animals with more effort to take care of but higher reward per animal
    Yes definitely, can be obtained from villager trades, could be a powerful but rare armor with few drawbacks
    Should the items that a player has lost be broadcast to everyone :D? Can be configured ;)
    3.) Not possible, but they could switch between weapons? Skeletons are pretty op and elaborate so I don't wanna make them even more complicated
    4.) not possible
    5.) not possible
    6.) work > reward, doesn't make sense to me
    7.) Yes!
    8) Goes into the drinking requirement
    11) What
    12) Something like that sound cool and might be in that feature
  19. 1.) Yes that makes sense. Stacking water bottles has the issue that when you drink you would have empty bottles that you would have to toss away. I might think of a way to upgrade bottles if I ever implement thirst. I would go for a default stacksize of 1, which can be upgraded by usage of gold or something like that. The stacksize would show how full the bottle is and from the item name you could tell the capacity. Flask -> Bottle -> Cannister

    2.) I wasn't happy with the vanilla hardcore mode of FNV at all. First I was super hyped, because I had played F3 with mods that added similar hardcore aspects. In the end though it didn't work out for me it was too limiting. I never got out of the ditch and was able to really fight anything. Most of the time I had to avoid fights and some creatures where just not beatable. There was an instance where I fought a single deathclaw and had to pour several magazines of my best weapons into the thing, just to make a small dent in its health. That's why I'm going to very careful when adding something like thirst, because I know if it isn't done right it may limit you too much.

    Suggestion for fatigue:
    My own writeup of ideas for weather, thirst etc.

    1. If you suggest something please number your points so I can reply directly.
    2. Take a moment to think if what you are suggesting serves a purpose and state what you think would be achieved by that addition.
  20. Coronus1

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    Honestly this shit is had enough. Been at it for several weeks and just got a few diamond trades off villagers after hours of grinding mats so it wasnt like I was handed the gear. Not sure i want animals aging or needing grass to live as it was freakin hard enough finding said animals (I had to find chickens then tried to "herd" them to my base, got 500 blocks said "fuck it" and built a little pen right there and bred them til there were enough to produce about 2 stacks of eggs, killed the chickens and ran home after about 8 MC days and nights and numerous breeding rounds and living in fear of deiing to random spawned mobs).

    That being said I am sure I can adapt to any changes. I understand the reasons for wanting to disable xp grinders but I feel that if you kill a mob spawned by a spawner, they should drop loot (maybe just reduce the chance of the drop).