[DEV] Bugs and "Unexpected Behaviour"

Discussion in 'Origin' started by Diemex, Dec 26, 2013.

  1. Hey!

    I'm the developer that works on ExtraHardMode,
    you can post any bugs with you have found with ehm on this thread:

    List of bugs:
    • Rain destroys torches in biomes where it doesn't rain
    • Weight notification sometimes stays instead of disappearing
    • logs from acacia trees don't fall
    Thanks for reporting!
  2. I'm told there's a horse glitch. Is that mod based or 1.7 based? Also, my boat often isn't where the screen shows it to be, so I can't enter or break it. I have to relog to see it's true position before I can use it. I'm not sure if that's the mod, either, since I don't use boats on world.
  3. Horse glitch what is that?

    Boats being not being synced correctly (appearing at a different location on the server) is a vanilla bug.
  4. @glt1022, do you remember what the problem was with horses?
  5. glt1022

    glt1022 Supporter

    yeah I can walk faster then I can ride, that's in real life too.
  6. - Exiting boats sometimes flings me out fifty blocks into the ocean.
    - Dark Oak logs don't fall as well.
    - Some Village buildings have cobble roofs, which I discovered one desperate night. Not a bug per se, but it makes everything a ruin.
  7. I've been boating on world since the reset, and it seems to be worse on world
  8. junglemason

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    I think most or all of the boating issues (including getting kicked for flying) are problems with vanilla, related to poor handling of network latency.

    I've been cruising around a bunch, and I took Matt's advice. I can go full speed non-stop as long as I steer clear of shallow water. If I must go near shallow water (1-5 blocks deep) I slow down a bunch.

    But yeah, it is worse on World atm, likely because World is struggling to keep up with the sudden surge of new chunks and stuff.
  9. Before you land or brake a boat log out and then back in. It's a pain but it works for now.
  10. Witches have no sound when hit.
  11. That'd be a vanilla bug.

    I'm pretty sure.
  12. junglemason

    junglemason Supporter

    Not a bug. Witches feel no pain.
  13. Ok I have built 3 villager breeding cells now and only had 1 baby. I keep getting the hearts from the villagers but not getting any baby's.

    What's the deal?


    Any ideas?
  14. glt1022

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    villager rape don't produce babies, has to be consensual, both gotta have hearts then come together and the magic happens.
  15. Pmsl...The pic don't show it but both do have hearts.
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    Where have I heard this before...?

    Oh yeah U.S. Republican Representative Todd Akin...

  17. Maybe they can't do it right with you staring at them in their glass-prison.
  18. PMSL...Thought about that...but I like to watch!!!!
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    It takes time for some reason getting those first initial babies is a real motherfucker, get it? did ya see what I did there? But seriously, it seems to take forever to get up to like 50 villagers. I stopped mine arround that point as I didnt want a huge amount of mobs eating my mob cap and I didnt want to try to deal with 4k grown villagers. I have mass murdered enough as it is :).
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    How long did it take you to find a place to inject that joke @Coronus1 . It must have been torture. <smug>