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  1. So I was thrilled to find a server that was serious about protecting griefing but putting death traps with RES similar to a popular store name like /RES TP ONEDOLLARSTORE death trap is kinda chicken s**t. I wasn't thinking and I typed it wanting to go to the ONEDOLLARSHOP Think I'll rage quit for a while losing my diamond armor and tools and 40+ exp
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    Death traps are everywhere and people are vocal about it. Rage quitting is up to you, though.

    Instead of raging like this why don't you either move on and get on with the game or try contact the player to get your shit back. A forum thread isn't going to do anything about this situation.. Unless @MissMijo sees it.
  4. I've done that a few times, myself. In addition, I've typed in "tiner" instead of "tinger". Instead of rage-quitting, just take a step back and in the future, be more careful when you type a res in. Another thing you could do as well is strip out of your armor and other important stuff and go the res without anything. That way, if it's a fall trap, you only lose your banked exp.

    Just my two cents worth, Bobby.
  5. @MissMijo is totes awesome about returning your stuff if you're nice to her and don't be a knob..

    I can't remember who told me, I think it may have been @Hardwired ? anyway.. The handy rhyme "shop won't drop" and to that I add go to the store and hit the floor ..
  6. To escape reality, click single player when Minecraft loads. Otherwise, welcome to life -- It is a giant hospital.
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    /res tp notafalltrap has a list of all residences that are not fall traps.
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    If you're going to quit, can you do it live over mumble? I need audio to go with the forum posts for the new video about the wild west that is the wooden axe forums.
  9. I prefer to think of deathtraps as a form of tough-love. Builds character.
  10. "Think I'll rage quit for a while" for me usually means a few hours while I plot revenge. The warning only appeared after 2 deaths. Yea, I went back to get the X Y
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    Yeah, I've done that before.
    "Ok, just need to finish this last ring on my massive cock tower and *creeper*"... /deletesystem32
    But I'm serious about the audio, I need genuine reactions. pre-recorded dialog just don't feel like they have the right kinds of stress levels to really say "I'm fuckin' pissed off".
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    most traps work where there is a platform and some pistons which means the message doesn't appear, so its not that surprising.
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    The best revenge with less-maintained traps is jamming the hoppers and chests. Variety, not quantity is key (all kinds of carpets, flowers. Junk armor is great for this since it doesn't stack well. Also a protip: don't die in it over and over, but /sethome and hit enter right before you hit the ground and just home to the place.
  15. It's amazing how much headache can be avoided by reading through these forums a bit before getting immersed in WA. Luckily I had almost a month to read up and thereby discovered that fall traps were common.

    To any newbies reading this: trust me, read through a few recent threads and the Wiki. You'll save some work.
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    Bring a LOT of stuff, there is a LOT of chests to fill. And someone is using all those armor pieces for his army, so he has been really happy with it.
  17. What army?! Lol. I saw an army on top of res tp cane. All iron armour and armour stands.
    My thoughts, read a bit on the forums, you can get enough pieces, and really age quitting is part of it, keep u feeling alive.
  18. No reason to quit. You can get 40 back at tinger in minutes. Do a little mining and you got some diamonds. No big.
  19. Ten minutes after you install MC and verify it's working okay you should install a hotkey/macro mod so you never have to type anything again. I press the "-" key to go to Kevyn's store, so there can be 10,000 traps using every possible permutation of fucking up the spelling of onedollarshop, and I'll never see any of them, ever, even if I play blind drunk all day long and visit Kevyn's place every two minutes. Why the minus key? I don't know, it just seemed like a good key to assign to it, christ get off my back already about my hotkey choices...
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    ...and never whine about lost XP. Especially when you can get it back in 3 minutes at a grinder.