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  1. So Peta is asking where to find you

  2. In the fake world you rape kill and murder the animals but in the real world you help animals even the unattractive rolly ones.. Whats up with you?
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    Hahahaha I did the same, Rookie too, and blew up as much as we could with creepers.
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    Probably Rookie or I, or @stevethompson
  5. I once flooded a bunch of redstone away a map or two ago when I was trying to climb up a wall with a bucket of water.

    On the Origin server I got pissed off by the blazes spawning in the nether and chain murdering me during the latency I had switching dimensions. I used TNT to get rid of them. This also slightly messed up somebody's nether portal hub.

    And I used afk machines to idle while waiting for trees and crops to grow.
  6. I once afked for 18 hours at a gold farm. I never got caught, but i did it for the children.
  7. I heard you had quite the princess complex.....
  8. That's probably because i was funnier and better at everything than everyone.

    Also, I blame @MR_ANDY for catering to my every whim.
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  10. Yes.. you did.
  11. Land dispute aside, i'm disappointed you had to make an alt. At least tators and becca were openly cunts. Are you sure there isn't a deeper personal issue here?

    Also, it was 12 months, and that's because i was in Peru. Don't flatter yourself too much.
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    You mean succeeded in driving her away to afk for 18 months right?
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    I thought that snoman guy said you had gotten in an accident?
  14. Whatever makes the engineering genius happy so that I may profit,
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    But @fiskit_says WAS openly a cunt. He was so openly cuntish that he made an alt to be even more of a cunt. I love this about him
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  18. I was only out for a few months for that, i left in december. He probably said that knowing i was going to be off for longer than my recovery time. So 14 months i suppose. Still closer to 12 than 18, and still not fiskit's doing ;)
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    you're really just proving the point now..
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    I actually joined the server when I was 13