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  1. Build there, or destroy there.

    Kill there, or help there.

    You people can either fuck it up, or w.e I don't even care. There is a portal out the west exit, use it to mine rack. Open Iron Farm, etc.

    You can do anything there, just try and keep the bloody glass walls and roof intact.

    This is just to show you what liberal ideas do to your country. You ain't a real liberal if you can't open the flood gates and let everybody take all your shit and rape your chickens.

    Res TT is representative of the future of Europe, America, and Canada. If you are a liberal, and you want to prove you are a liberal, follow suit. If I can do it to prove a point, then you should be able to as well if you are who you claim to be.

    To clarify again, it's open, to build, everything. The animals are loose and the place is unfinished. Anyone who comes around and wants to do something with the place, go ahead. I will not call grief. For anything. It's up to you people now.

    If I decide to come back it will be to tour the world with nothing but an EnderChest.
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  2. i do hope you meant, the glass walls, and glass roof, and not, all the glass, the entire 4 walls, and the roof period....
  3. so you quited? Tl;DR

  4. Consider it a "safe space" for any future travelers. All the flags are on. Was thinking about how much time I spent minecrafting, and not on my business. Need to get shit in order and not sit around counting virtual blocks arguing with idiots about their beliefs.
  5. An experiment of sorts. It's a proof of concept behind the theory. Open the borders, chests got ram-sacked in like 5 minutes total. It was a hoot watching you all run around on livemap.

    Now if you still don't get the idea behind doing this, then god help us. This is what will happen to your country when you allow liberal ideas to flourish. Enjoy your selfishness and your virtual lapis.
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  6. You evolve, or you die by the hands of the evolved... the choice is honestly decided by time and a willingness to accept change. The Romans didn't change their concepts and their perceptions of the world around them, so they were defeated by a new ideas with time... and the hands of the evolved.

    Out with the old, in with the new, always since the start of time...Before what you know. You are the product of change evolution and the idea of kill or be killed.

    Dont get stuck in the past or Suffer their your /Res TT did..
  7. i like how you say you all like all of us were involved and not a select few.
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    Tribs, you're fucked upstairs
  9. Someone has been reading too much Ayn Rand.
  10. Mr. Perot, is that you?

  11. If this is because of a "select few" then why are you all here in that exact same mindset?

    @TheFloridian , You seem like a prime candidate to convert to islam. *HINT* North America is not one big fucking Constantinople.

    @sarah_mary , You might wanna go console your little flower and tell her that it's normal to crave for the warmth of others when their beliefs are criticized.

    @Tators19 , I'm fucked for being different?
    I bet you are the type who is easily manipulated with a little "hard". I bet you also like 2-Chainz.

    @RMutt , I'm not a fucking Marxist. Socialism =/= Communism. You think with all these "libertines" nowadays, with their prized "degrees", we would have a-lot more people against communism, seems we have the complete opposite.

    @Hardwired , Your typical reductionist. You completely throw aside EVERYTHING else R.Perot had done in his life because he was a "racist". Get a fucking CLUE.

    I'm the fucking Alien surrounded by zombies. Yeah the world seems like a nice place on the outside, until you realize that you have all been shielded from the truth, and the pain, through your ignorance and your lifestyles. Your social systems depends on agreeing with your friends. When you were younger you all probably claimed to be "non-conformists", in reality you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing. You probably voted for Obama, You probably think Islam is a peaceful religion, you probably think humans killed off the Woolly mammoths.

    Now, whats going to happen when you wake up one day, and before waking up you were in a totally different place. All history was told to you without a biased narrator. You will realize real fucking quick that nothing you believed in, nothing you fought for, were for the reasons intended. You realize that people are literally out to kill you, and we are on a rock in space where asteroids fly by OR totally NOT fly by and totally fuck your day up. You will realize that you are stuck here, with BILLIONS of other people, and OVER HALF of those people believe in a "Fallen Annunaki god" who wants his people to murder and rape you.

    Let them in, go fucking have half breed children, go blame the white male for everything, go party every thursday, friday and saturday and take 20 dicks up your cunts per week until you are fucking satisfied. Guess what? You will never be satisfied. Your hunger for more freedoms only brings less. You "liberals" with your cross eyed dogma have ZERO real world experience outside your idiotic modern fantasies.

    When you wake up and realize what people like me have been telling you people your entire lives, it will be too late. Your body will be dead and you will be detached and you won't be able to come back. Take it from a guy who came back. You have it wrong and you all need to seriously WAKE THE FUCK UP.

    My last post here on the WA. Enjoy your existence. Ignorance might just make it more enjoyable.

    Edit: Oh I almost forgot @wiciltd , this thread is dedicated to you.
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  13. The posts make more sense if you play Twilight Zone music in the background.
  14. [​IMG]


    I would like to thank my liberalism.. My feminism.. My interest in black history & queer theory..

    And MOST importantly.. I would like to thank BURL IVES and HUAC for inspiring Tiball's crazy train.. ALL ABOARD

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  15. You're a yawner, TTribaLL. And, as such, you'll only be spoken of as the joke you truly are.

    My recommendation to you is this: Move to Oregon, that way you can end your suffering at being so insignificant by taking part in legal Euthanasia.

    Rest assured, you'll be back, if only to spew your vitriol either under this in-game name or another.

    Hugs and Kisses, Captain Whine-a-Lot.

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  17. :p are you willingly dense or were you subjected/spoon fed a childhood of Fox news ignorance ? either way the tiny peep hole you choose to view the world in will only get smaller as the concepts you adhere to show how distant you are from reality.

    If i don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight...

    Is that not your tagline Mr.Truman?

    *Edit* When you decide to go on your eventual shooting rampage to fight " the man" can you not do it in a school? Might i suggest a Donald Trump rally? allahu akbar! KthxBai
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    "My last post here on the WA."

    Is it safe now? Okay, good. I have some questions:

    Q: WTF is queer theory? Is this the one where all matter, at the subatomic level, is composed of tiny gay men named Higgs singing Barry Manilow tunes?
    Q: Ref: Half breed children. Didn't we all determine that Adriana Lima was proof that mixed race babies are better?
    Q: Weren't the wooly mammoths killed off by @bullingju0 or was that the pteranodon?
    Q: Am I the only one who made the connection that freedom equals dicks in cunts?
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    Is Triball some sort of atheist conservative? Like wtf? Talk about brainwashed. I can't even peg his beliefs.