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  1. @Voljub Had posted a little ditty about Discord Here but I'm going to re-promote it!

    Ok bitches, Mumble is dead and Teamspeak is shit. Discord is the new hotness for anyone looking to be social on the internet...
    promo for discord.jpg This is what Discord looks like when you have it open.

    It has text channels that make it very easy to post images and videos into, So that replaces forums!

    It shows everyone who is associated with the server on the right side, now you can stalk them!

    The primary feature is the voice channel. This replaces mumble and any other voice program you use! Now instead of texting shit to @siamko you can talk shit to @siamko, because he will be there waiting to take it!

    On the far left is a cool feature that allows you to view what is going on in different discord servers while still staying in the voice chat for the one that you actually care about.

    The developers are still working on a video streaming feature and when it comes I will also cum and you will be able to see it happen using discords video chat feature.

    So download Discord and then log into the Woodenaxe Discord Server! -->
    Shameless promotion activate!!! @Zukotu recently created A Discord server called woodenaxe for former woodenaxe people and associates to communicate on. Woodenaxe discord does not revolve around any game it is just for socializing.

    The two Woodenaxe minecraft server offshoots I know of, The Amigos & Intersnout, both have their own dedicated discord servers.

    Once more download Discord Then click this link ""
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    Cool. Sup Andy.

    Is there an android app for Discord?
  3. A couple weeks later for my reply and the answer is yes