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  1. WoodenBow (Owner-Admin-Mod-AllRanger)

    Description- Vanilla, 1.10, Economy, Residence, Nogreif, WhiteListed, 45 player slot.

    Temporary Forum for whitelist applications

    Just started a server. So far I have got spawn maped out. I don't want to do much more myself and let you guys help out.
    The spawn is remembrance to the WoodenAxe spawn as a big compass, west is PvP and other 3 directions are neutral.

    No fancy mods here. Just the same as WoodenAxe. The chest shop mod on 1.10 isnt available but I'm looking in to other forms of Economy.

    The map is set to 30k blocks as I'm not expecting a lot of people to join. Spawn is protected in a square of 150 blocks.

    The idea that WoodenAxe is a sever that shut down is wrong WoodenAxe is the community of people that gathered there to unite and while the WoodenAxe sever has fallen, a new server will be crafted slowly from the foundation of the handle of WoodenAxe and crafted into A WoodenBow.
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