Bircagecraft - Adult Minecraft Server

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  1. Groene_specht (Eiffel-Tower builder on woodenaxe) has started a small survival server. Whit 2 other players joined its a small start-up. If you want to give it a try please join. A small spin-off inspired from woodenaxe, where I enjoyed playing years ago. For now stil in start-up and lot to discover. Planning to be survival only. Maybe later creative or skyblock added.

    IP: or
    Owner: Groene_specht

    Please check the website if you're interested.

    Basic plugins (essentials, griefprevention, chestshop)

    Livemap check the website.

    (I posted it earlier in a short notice, maybe it was considered spam. It was not my intention, I respect others around. If I broke any rules let me know.)

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