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  1. In-game name: AshasaurusRex
    age: 23
    Where I found the server: A friend [who hasn't applied yet!] refered me to it.
    What I'm looking for: A woman who isn't afraid to let her hair down while riding in my convertible with the top down. She isn't afraid to mess her hair up a little.

    No jk, I'm looking for an adult server, not too picky on plugins, and hopefully some lax mods that don't go ban-happy. Also, I like the griefing/looting rules. So. Thanks for reading!
  2. To be honest, if you're looking for a bird who will ride in your motor with her top down, I don't think getting her to wear her hair down too will be much of a problem
  3. Gotta let it all hang free yo.

    I just realized I quoted it wrong.
    "I'm not afraid to get sand on my tuxedo if you're not afraid to mess your hair up a little bit when I take the top down."
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    I am confused, are you a man or a lesbian?
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    What's wrong with being both?
  6. Lars_Eh

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  7. neither.
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    life before
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  10. I think Mansbian sounds better.