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    Please let it be zombies :rolleyes:
  3. How close do they need to be? I have an area that has 4 spawners near each other in a square shape, but I'm not sure they are close enough. If they work, you can have them. One skelly and 3 zombs...

    If interested I'll send you a screencap and coohords.
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    I'll take a look. thanks for letting me know. If they are close enough, that would be amazing. Thanks.
  5. I will PM you the coords shortly
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    Bump. Still looking for double/triple spawners (no spiders). The spawners should be within 30 blocks of each other on the x/z axis, and 15 blocks on the y axis at the most. Closer the better.
  7. Matt

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    random thought.. when you build this, there should be a difficulty setting. on hard mode it will fire armor and weapons out of dispensers where the zombies come out so they pick it up.
  8. You could use armor and weapons from all those skele and zombie grinders. I'm sure there's people who are more that willing to throw them away.
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    I think i can work something out with redstone. Only 1 in 10 mobs pick up weapons, but more customization could happen with beacons and potions as well. A nether arena would be fun too. Build it around a few blaze spawners, clear out the 128 block radius area and make controlled mob spawning points like WitherFist or ZarlorNether in the old world.

    resistance, speed, jump, and regeneration beacon assist
    no weapons
    no potions

    speed and jump beacon assist
    simple weapons
    no potions

    no beacons
    strong weapons
    invisibility, regen, and strength splash potions
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    Maybe one day Matt will give up the "vanilla" standard for the sake of server greatness just once. Just use MCEdit to create spawners for all types of hostile mobs for a really amazing and customized arena. Command block for easily changing the arena settings.
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    He should sell them for absorbanant prices or sell them for thousands of flesh, bones, spider eyes, blaze rods.......oh wait


    Womp womp
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    Got the arena location. 2 zombies and a spider spawner. Wish there were skeletons but I can't complain. I'm clearing out the arena if anyone wants to help. I'll give tp and build perms to any volunteers.
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    Why not wait to find a more ideal location. Even if the spawners a re littl far away you could have spots where people stand to activate the spawners then direect the mobs ot arena floor.
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    I can supply some materials if you need any. Can't wait for a mob arena, they're awesome.
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    I thought about waiting. I'll make another later if there is a better combination of spawners. I just didnt want to wait. Arena fights are too much fun. These three spawners are really nice too. all three are right by each other and spawning will occur as long as there are people on the arena floor. I'm thinking of adding pigmen portals here too. That should be a big enough challenge for this arena.
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    Ill keep my eyes out for any good spawners. I wish I had thought of this because my main base had about 8-10 spawners in probably a 50x50x50 block, oh well.
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    We have finally finished digging out a 60 block diameter hole from surface to level 30. Found a skeleton spawner on the surface, next to the arena. The mob arena will now have 2 zombie spawner, a spider spawner, and a skeleton spawner.
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    /res tp arena

    I'm still building it, but its functional and ready for use. No beacons yet. Be careful how long you wait around for the mob numbers to build up. It can get out of hand really quick.
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    It's a work in progress but its fully functional. Going to be showcased in spawn soon too.
    2 Zombies, 1 Skeleton, 1 Spider, 6 holding cells, 4 beacons on demand, free chicken.

  20. I've got two deactivated blaze spawers in the nether you could look at if you want too. They may be a little further apart from each other they you'd like for an arena though, I'm not sure. They are outside the member world.