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  1. Hey!

    My name is Anja, I'm 27 years old and I'm from Norway.
    I found this server on Google, looking for a server that's not full of kids, and that just lets me build and relax.
    I'm relatively new to MC, I've had the game for years and tried it out now and then, but I never got into it until recently. I guess I'm what you could call a MC noob ;D

    Hope you'll accept me!

    ~ ^_^ ~
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  2. Lars_Eh

    Lars_Eh Supporter

    Hey girl, I'll show you the ropes. You should let the admin know what your ingame name is.
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  3. Awesome n.n

    My ingame name is Durrpette :)
  4. CinnabarCleric

    CinnabarCleric Supporter

    Lars is also Norwegian. And voted 2nd nicest person on the server. You're in good hands.
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  5. Lars_Eh

    Lars_Eh Supporter

    The nicest in the offical non-biased election.
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  6. Oh really? Well that's great then :3
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  7. Lars_Eh

    Lars_Eh Supporter

    Yeah, I can't lie.
    Anyway, it may take some time before the admin accepts you as he is busy with something quite often, så det er bare å smøre seg med tålmodighet.
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  8. That's fine. Today feels like a Youtube day anyway. Tålmodighet har jeg mye av :)
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  9. Lars_Eh

    Lars_Eh Supporter

    Det er bra!
  10. General_Rookie

    General_Rookie Supporter

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  11. :3
  12. Bump :(
  13. Don't worry. Matt will see this and respond when the time comes.
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  14. Okay :) I only sadfaced because I didn't wanna bump, but I thought I should since everyone else did xD
  15. That was my reasoning. Last I read, Matt is about a week behind on admissions. At one point before the new year he was three weeks behind, but he did get to all the requests.
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  16. Ah, okay. It's all good. Just excited to get started! ^_^ But, no more bumping then. Ty :3
  17. Lars_Eh

    Lars_Eh Supporter

    I can feel that your acceptance is getting closer, I could see it in my coffee this morning.
  18. Oh my! Then it must be true. Coffee never lies. Or are the rumors correct? I've been told, on the 10th day of the early spring, when the sun is low on the evening sky, the almighty Larsacle should appear. It can't be..
  19. Matt

    Matt Owner