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  1. my name is hannah little i am 19 as of 2/17/2015
    i found this server googling for servers. i am looking for a server with mature people to hang out with because i babysit kids all day and i need a break every once and a while . also my ign is dolphin_bunny
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    Welcome to the server, Hannah. It may take a while to get accepted as the server admin is currently c̶o̶o̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶m̶e̶t̶h̶ busy with stuff, but he will get around to it eventually.
  3. That explains everything
  4. ok no hurrys
  5. and maybe a couple of cigars.
  6. lol maybee
  7. bump maybe? i never bump things but its been a while
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  9. im watching and waiting but it seems to be taking a while

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    I call bullshit. Sorry, we're 18+.
  11. wow....... -_- if i have to tell one more person that i am 19 i might just blow up
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    Don't worry about Rookie, he is just online shopping for another wife.
  13. lol more like WINDOWS shopping lol (you see what i did there)
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    I mean it wasn't the worst thing ever, but you're hardly going to win any prizes.
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  16. OK so i know your gonna come off with "never heard that before" or "that's what they all say" just like everyone else but hear me out. i have a sister and she is 17. she uses my minecraft as well as i do and im sure you probably saw allot of the builder apps she has put in for other servers. she puts everything in my name because after all this is my account. i am 19 my birthday is 2/17/1995 as i stated above. and i know your gonna say this is a lie and i don't blame you because i do know ALOT of people use this as an excuse so when its true no one really believes me but i promise i am telling the truth. if you would just give me a chance........
  17. just noticed also as i was putting an a avatar on my profile i hit the wrong year for my birthday it should be 1995 not 96
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    If you're 19 then it should be 96.