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  1. 23 year old Minecraft player. I have never played on a server before, I actually haven't really played on PC all that much so this will be a bit of a learning experience. I have played countless hours on Xbox 360. My friends @Crusher7485 and @Pookias8 have informed me about this server, they are both supporters and have been trying to get me join for a while now. Thank you! ^__^
  2. Yup, I can vouch this is correct.
  3. As can I
  4. Your friends are MY friends! ^_^ Hope to see you in game soon!
  5. Lars_Eh

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    I really can't vouch for this guy, watch out for this one, @Matt
  6. All three of us are co workers for a security company that you must be over 18 to work for
  7. _Crabwich_

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    Break = over
  8. so is that a denial?
  9. glt1022

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    Isn't Miltard already a member?
  10. Nope not this one his in game name is Catfish Millard or something along those lines
  11. Do you want my drivers license or something? I'm a grown ass man. If you don't want to accept the app that's cool, just say so. No need to be douche bags guys.
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    well played Travis.. good luck
  13. Yes as well as your SSN, and all credit related details, including current address, bank account numbers and pins. Do not forget to post it asap to guarantee Member status approval.
  14. Don't feed the trolls now. :D

    Matt is the only one who can approve or deny you, so just wait for his decision and ignore what everyone else says cause none of it matters as far you you getting accepted onto the server.
  15. [​IMG]
  16. Should I post a profile pic of my sexy bod? It can happen.
  17. Hey @Matt, is there any issues with approving Travis? Me and @Pookias8 are on and both showing him stuff now and he's eager to join the server.
  18. Voljub


    Is Travis his account name too?
  19. No, sorry. My IGN is CatfishMillard.