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  1. The name is Wouter and im 29 years young and from the Netherlands.
    I play Minecraft since 2012. Mostly single player, but I tried some Minecraft servers that mostly were full of kids, what is not a problem on its own, but in the end I dont fit in propperly :). I looked around on the Woodenaxe server as a guest and checked out the website and I think this is a server I will like.

    My minecraft name is Beast29A.

    Feel free to ask any questions and I hope to see you in game soon.


    Wouter, Woooter, Beast29A
  2. Bump, feel free to log in and socialize as a guest while you wait.
  3. I used to have a friend named Wouter. It's like Walter, right?
  4. @XclbRican Thank you :).

    Hey Vikki, Yes the names share the same roots. Both Germanic. Wouter is used in Dutch and Walter in German/English. So you had a friend named Wouter, most Wouters can be friendly :D.
  5. My friend Wouter was very friendly. Always optimistic and kind. He ran a farm in The Netherlands and would tell me about his animals.
  6. Sounds like a great person. So a farm in the Nertherlands. That reminds me off... is it possible to farm in the Nether?

    This Wouter also grew up on the country side between the sheeps and the horses and many other animals. My parents like both to be around all kind of animals. I moved out to the city and studied electronics. Nowerdays I work as an electronics design engineer. Thats why I like redstone circuits in Minecraft so much. Farming is necessary to keep the food supplies up :)