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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by EnterNirvana, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. Name: EnterNirvana
    Age: 23
    Where you found server: I google searched Mature Minecraft Servers.
    Server/Community: I am just looking for a Fun but Mature server to play on, Helpful admins and just generally nice people.

    Hello Citizens of the WoodenAxe Minecraft Server. Hopefully I will be allowed to join this community and will see you all in game.
  2. I was just wondering how long it usually takes until your accepted/denied?
  3. It's supposed to be a day or so, but due to Matt's schedule (I assume) and that he's the only admin, you could be looking at more than a week of waiting.
  4. OK, no problem. I don't mind the wait.
  5. It may help your app if you were to participate in the forum. If you're going to be playing on a server with these people, you should get to know them :p
  6. Don't worry I will. I'll be on later today, as I am busy right now and just came on here for 5, 10 minutes during the day.
  7. Matt

    Matt Owner

  8. Thanks allot.