Allranger's Bows For Gold Shop (Now Open)/w Video

Discussion in 'World' started by allranger, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. I'm selling enchanted bows for gold block. Priced all the same [for now] 1 gold block per enchanted bow/Some times enchanted books/Other Stuff.
    Shop @ /res tp

    1.Place 1 gold block in hopper.
    2.Wait for pistons to stop moving.(about 3 seconds)
    3.Select your bow. (use button)
    4.Open the chest on your left.
    5.Take your goods.
    6.Get out.
    Easy enough? Here's a small video I made demonstrating.

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  2. I love this design and it works better than my design for a coupon system. @allranger you think you can show me how you built this?