All My Animals Gone

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  1. Totally is. Really screws things for noobies.
  2. the shitty thing is you are often outcasted for standing up for whats right or even helping new players by giving tips in chat to protect thier animals... whatever... people will always be fucked...
  3. People will blow their shithorns so they can feel big and badass. They're loud, but they're few.
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    Must google shithorn....

    EDIT: All I find are a bunch of redne... tobacco chewers complaining about their dip...
  5. True...but anywhere you go, people behind a computer screen will always show their true colours. Don't stop speaking up just because they tell you to sit down and shut up.Those who needed your warning saw/heard it and appreciated the heart behind it.
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  6. thanks aynallah :D