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  1. Matt,

    I've been part of your server for several years now. My sister, dotto88, brought me here. One little known fact that I purposely kept to myself is that I own and run my own minecraft server. I came to your server to have a place to play when I didn't want to be bothered. It seems that my server has been around just as long as yours. I have roughly the same rules and member registration process that you did. I had a little over 7,000 player joins in the past 5 years and I still have an active community of over 500+ people with an average or 1-8 people on at a time every day/hourly.

    My server is a professional piece of hardware that I keep at my house. It runs on a pretty decent internet connection, it has a good bit of power... it actually runs entirely in ram... 72gb of it. Ironically it is down at the moment due to a PSU issue (I have a new one ordered as of yesterday and should be back up and running in the next couple days) But I always run a backup server when it goes down.

    I'd be more than happy to support your old members with a place to go, if they are interested that is. I know people become strongly connected to their community. Your thoughts?

  2. What is your site? Is it adults?
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    whats the address?
  5. I decided to log in after 4 years because I got the Minecraft bug again. Would love to find another good server full of adults like WA so I would love the address as well.
  6. Sorry for the delay in response, for some reason I didn't get a notification of reply here. My website is www.pilotdan1985.com and the connection address to the server is mc.pilotdan1985.com. We don't have an adult only rule. We look more at maturity. We do have an approval process for full access to all words to help weed out the not so mature people. Default players don't have access to worlds and all commands that Trusted players do. We do have a fair amount of adults who play. I'm 31 myself, my fiancee is 30 and we both play regularly. All three of our other admins are roughly 26-38. Most of our mods are either over 18, or mature teenagers. Most of our player base as approximately 14-16.

    We also just bought brand new server hardware....

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    Intersnout.com has updated to become a really great server check it out as well. :)
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    The people need a place to go you say?
  9. I have been playing on PilotDan's server for a few weeks now and really enjoy it. Def has the feel of early WA and a lot of fun! Great economy, people and builds!