1.8 is gonna be a doozy!

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  1. http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/1.8

    Here are some highlights:
    World Generation
    • Undergound
      • Granite, Andesite and Diorite generate in pockets within Stone terrain
        • Similar size and abundance to Dirt and Gravel
    Blocks and Items
    • Diorite
      • Crafting recipe: 2 Cobblestone and 2 Nether Quartz in a checker board pattern
      • Can be crafted into Polished Diorite
    • Andesite
      • Crafting recipe: 1 Cobblestone and 1 Diorite
      • Can be crafted into Polished Andesite
    • Granite
      • Crafting recipe: 1 Nether Quartz and 1 Diorite
      • Can be crafted into Polished Granite
    • Polished Diorite
      • Crafting recipe: 4 Diorite in a 2x2 configuration
    • Polished Andesite
      • Crafting recipe: 4 Andesite in a 2x2 configuration
    • Polished Granite
      • Crafting recipe: 4 Granite in a 2x2 configuration
    • Slime Block
      • Players and mobs that land on their top side will bounce, like on a trampoline
        • Bounce rebound velocity is scaled by impact velocity, can reach up to 60%
        • Currently does not affect item entities
      • Prevents fall damage
      • Walking on it is slower than walking on Soulsand, close to one's speed whilst sneaking
      • Crafting recipe: 9 Slime Balls
        • Can be crafted back into 9 Slime Balls
    • Villager Trading
      • Rebalanced villager trading
      • Offers will be less random and probably more useful
      • Existing villagers will not be affected
      • Trading now gives experience
      • Villager profession is now displayed in trade GUI
      • Villagers start out with 2-4 trades unlocked
      • Trading any offer will unlock up to 3 new trades or reactivate old ones
      • There are now more villager professions (only notable trade changes and additions listed)
        • White robe: Librarian (now buys stacked written books, can now offer different enchanted books)
        • Purple robe: Cleric (now only sells a single piece of redstone, sells lapis, buys rotten flesh)
        • Brown robe: Fisherman (buys string, coal, cooks normal fish, sells enchanted fishing rods), Farmer (no longer sells melons, buys melon blocks, pumpkins, potatoes, carrots, sells cake and pumpkin pie), Fletcher (buys string, sells bows, converts 10 gravel into 10 flint), Shepherd (sells colored wool)
        • White apron: Butcher, Leatherworker (buys leather, sells leather armor, enchanted leather armor, and saddles)
        • Black apron: Armorer (Sells enchanted diamond armor, iron armor, chain armor), Tool Smith (sells enchanted iron shovel/pick and enchanted diamond pick), Weapon Smith (sells enchanted iron sword, enchanted diamond sword, enchanted diamond axe, iron axe)
      • The disabled trade arrow now has a descriptive tooltip
      • Trades are now unlocked more freely
    • Villager Breeding
      • Villagers will now only breed when willing
        • The first time a specific trade is done, the villager will become willing, any other time there's a 1 in 5 chance the villager will become willing
        • When a baby villager is born, both parents lose their willingness
        • Finding out a villager's willingness in survival is difficult: The only tell is the amount of xp they give when trading; Normal trading yields 3-6 experience points, trading and making a villager willing yields 8-11 experience points
    • Enchanting
      • Enchanting will now cost 1 to 3 levels, but you still need the same minimum total levels
        • For example, an enchantment may only become available for enchanting after reaching 13 levels of experience, but will only cost 2 XP levels and 2 of a resource.
      • Additionally, there is now a material cost - Enchanting also costs 1 to 3 pieces of lapis lazuli now
      • The actual enchantment calculation is the same
      • One of the enchantments will be displayed in the tooltip
      • The enchantments you would get on a tool will not change until you enchant something - This enchantment seed is stored per player
      • Leveling up now takes longer
      • Level V enchants can now appear on an item without the use of an Anvil
    • Anvil repairing
      • Costs reduced to balance out with the new enchanting system
      • Renaming items will now only cost 1 level
      • Repairing will costs from 2 to 5 levels and tools can be repaired longer and with better enchantments
      • Repairing costs can no longer be kept down by renaming items
    World Generation
    • Underground
    • Villages
      • Gravel roads in villages have cobblestone underneath, to prevent them from collapsing into caves
    • Desert Temples
      • Now spawn with Stained Clay rather than Wool
    Blocks and Items
    • Chiseled Stone Bricks
      • Now craftable
        • Crafting recipe: Two stone brick slabs on top of each other
    • Mossy Stone Bricks
      • Now craftable
        • Crafting recipe: One stone brick and one vine
    • Doors
      • Stackable up to 64
      • The crafting recipe for doors now gives 3 doors instead of one
    • Furnaces
      • When a furnace runs out of fuel, the smelting progress will pause instead of resetting
    • Carrots
      • Restore 3 hunger points instead of 4
    • Baked Potatoes
      • Restore 5 hunger points instead of 6
    • Mob heads
      • Player heads now show the skin's hat layer
    • Baby animals (sheep, pig, cow, chicken, cat, dog, horse)
      • Baby animal growth can now slowly be accelerated using the animal's breeding item
      • It appears holding the right mouse button speeds up this process
    • Villagers
      • When struck by lightning, villagers turn into witches
    • Iron Golems
      • Are more reliable
        • Have much greater natural spawn rates in villages
        • Now attack the player as soon as he is attacking the golem in survival
      • Now only drop iron when killed by the player, either through combat, potions, or player-activated mechanisms such as manually lit TNT
      • If killed without player intervention, only drops poppies
    • Zombie Pigmen
      • Now only drop gold nuggets/gold swords when killed by the player, either through combat, potions, or player-activated mechanisms such as manually lit TNT
      • If killed without player intervention, only drops rotten flesh
  2. Matt

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  3. Mr_Cortus

    Mr_Cortus Supporter

    Might make minecraft interesting again!!
  4. Will you be expanding again for this update?
  5. Another 10k blocks should suffice
  6. I predict Slime Blocks will usher in a new era of bouncy castles in Minecraft.
  7. junglemason

    junglemason Supporter

    Anyone know if they are bouncy on all sides and not just the top?

    Changes to spleef, parkour, bouncy traps... so many new possibilities...
  8. junglemason

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    Oh crap, and do they stick to sticky pistons, and can you shove someone farther with one? Time to crack open the snapshot and do some testing...
  9. i have lost a lot of money because those damn circle stone brings have gone from being very rare to an easy craftable item and i'm glad i didn't decide to trash all my rotten flesh
  10. KyleraRhea

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    Oh, that would be so cool!

    If villagers can be changed into witches by lightning, then the number of witches currently spawning should be decreased, because right now it seems awfully high.
  11. Agreed Kylera.

    As for the bouncy houses, don't get too excited as of now, we did some testing on the snapshot and it's scaled to the height of which you fall. If you just walk on it and try to jump, prepare to be severely disappointed.
  12. KyleraRhea

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    That's ok, just a minor change in the bouncy house - we do a Dumbo leap. :) I am looking forward to this!
  13. Oh damn, how did I miss this. I've spent the last couple of weeks working on an iron farm that I was going to make public, trying to get it done before the villager breeding changes. It does make sense ... but ...

  14. KyleraRhea

    KyleraRhea Supporter

    oh man! No more Golem Farms! Shit! That is going to make iron a really hot commodity now.
  15. Supersnaketate

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    they are only bouncy in the most of the top side of a the block, how ever you can hurt your self if you land on the edge of the top side of the block, so the full top side isnt all bouncy
  16. Supersnaketate

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    gold farm i and some guys have been working on.... its made of lots of obsidian, now we have to change the design so you punch the pigmen too kill them. such a fucking bother fghfddgderr.PNG
  17. Good.. freekin Origin "live" I who where so happy...
    @MR_ANDY what's up with the rotten flesh???
  18. Well don't you all get your panties in a bunch and don't start destroying your grinders, you can always make it so that your health slicers leave Pigmen and Iron Golems with a 1 hit kill.
  19. JackHair

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  20. mapcratic

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    So how does this work when V1.8 drops? Do we choose between V1.8 Origin and V1.7 regular, and Matt waits for Bukkit to catch up before upgrading the regular world?