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Jan 14, 2017
Jan 5, 2013
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September 9
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Santa Paula, California
Community Colleges - IT Tech Support


Female, from Santa Paula, California

.ೋღ❤ღೋ Beauty is not flawless. It shines even through your flaws ღ❤ღೋ Jul 12, 2014

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Jan 14, 2017
    1. Shroomz333
      HeartShineGirl - Hello Back :-)
      1. HeartShineGirl
        Having fun? :)
        Aug 25, 2014
    2. HeartShineGirl
      .ೋღ❤ღೋ Beauty is not flawless. It shines even through your flaws ღ❤ღೋ
    3. HeartShineGirl
      I'm working too much lately.... summer is slipping by..... but when I do have a day off... I'm off enjoying life... away from a PC.
    4. HeartShineGirl
      Goodnight, too tired. I've had enough fun for the night. It's almost 3:30am. Yawn~~~~~
    5. kokidaeux
      So, for some reason, you're a stalker now. lol I thought it was cute what you did, not stalk-ish <3
      1. HeartShineGirl likes this.
      2. HeartShineGirl
        I'm a stalker? Since when? I must have missed that post. :P
        Aug 9, 2014
    6. kokidaeux
      1. HeartShineGirl likes this.
      2. HeartShineGirl
        Thank you Koki @};--,--'-------- I love this. You're a wonderful friend. Thank you so very much.
        ~Enya is one of my most favorite singers.... you know me so well. <3
        Jun 15, 2014
    7. HeartShineGirl
      Updating stuffs....
    8. HeartShineGirl
      and... I am a derp today. I need to go home. Work has fried my brain. Working at the IT help desk is easy but... there are days......
    9. HeartShineGirl
      I am HeartShineGirl!
    10. HeartShineGirl
      I'm so bored right now. Tired and bored. Why do I stay up so late playing on MC when I have work in the morning. I must be sick in the head.
    11. HeartShineGirl
      My heart is beating unusually fast, once again. I am counting the hours until I am off work. I wish I could fly to London right now... meh.
    12. HeartShineGirl
      Home..................... and now that I am home... staring at the walls, trying to decide what I want to have for dinner....
    13. HeartShineGirl
      At work.... Hardly working.... (◡‿◡✿)
    14. HeartShineGirl
      *Yawn* I'm too tired..... going to bed.... 2:19am, what am I thinking?!
    15. HeartShineGirl
      I just today decided to log in to WoodenAxe. Just today realized that I don't remember how to play! >.<
    16. HeartShineGirl
      Ebudae by Enya is playing in my headset. Love it! Love Pandora!
    17. HeartShineGirl
      Listening to the song "Imaginatio" by Amethystium on Pandora.
    18. HeartShineGirl
      I have the most wonderful feeling today. I found my beloved zories, and the weather is warmer! I love the rain too, but love the sun too!
    19. HeartShineGirl
      ✿`*.¸.*´✿ ❀(¯`♥´¯)❀ ✿`*.¸.*´✿
    20. HeartShineGirl
      Where on earth are my zories!
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    September 9
    Home page:
    Santa Paula, California
    Community Colleges - IT Tech Support
    Minecraft Name:

    Darkness or Light

    From deep in the darkest wintery parts of your heart
    Your spirit lurks, hiding even from yourself
    The odd childhood memories like layers of dark torn veils
    Billow in the whistling wind around your dark hair and eyes
    Shielding you from the emotional river buried in snow that creeps through
    Cracking and biting at your cool unemotional front
    That lurking that scares some deeper part of you
    That frightens you like a shadow at the corner of your eye
    Or, like a long reaching dark arm of a naked elm in the dark winter moonlight
    Hollow and cold
    That reaches out like an old crippled witch's finger to sting you and get you
    Pointing at you. Mocking you. Pushing you. Millimeters from your spine.
    Wanting you to run
    To the edge of that chasm
    That dark hole
    That you want to pretend is not surrounding you every moment of your life
    It isn't easy to hide. Even in the big empty slums of the city you call home it lurks. You hear it even after you lock yourself inside.
    Bolt the door.
    Listen for it.
    You only notice it when you quiet your thoughts.
    It's chilling breath waiting for you. Lingering just behind you.
    You feel it creeping into your shower even when the water is warm.
    Goosebumps up your arms and you shiver knowing its there.
    It haunts you. Could it happen now, you wonder.
    Sickening and disgusting, you can't even imagine it.
    That deadly part of yourself. Creeping up on you.
    Ticking down like a stopwatch gone backwards.
    You track your eyes in the mirror. Hair soaked and dripping. Face gaunt. Pathetic.
    Never able to hide from what will come for you. Stare back at it.
    What will capture you.
    What you ignore and try desperately to pretend wont be.
    Darkness. Beyond the layers of skin and flesh.
    Calling you back. Haunting you back.
    Yes, it's just there on the other side of your door. It's alive and breathing.
    Its eye pressed to the peephole looking in at you.
    It sees you. It knows you.
    In your room, you put your fingers to the keyboard and brain-wash yourself.
    Tell yourself you'll avoid it. Invent your lies.
    But, it remembers you... because it is you....
    And, one day you will close your eyes and join it.
    Then you will know the truth.
    Of who you truly are.
    Darkness or Light.
    And, everything you do now in avoidance of it, brings it quicker.
    Shh, listen. Can you hear it?



    Heavenly summer moments when,

    Everything around me glows like an unbelievable heavy
    Aura of pink and I'm lost in love walking slowly, lost in life, feeling nothing but happiness....
    Remembering every barefoot step through garden grasses and all of the scents along the way,
    Thinking of nothing more than paradise here, absorbing life with every breath, unforgettable...
    So full of every second... and the floral delights of Jasmine filling my senses...lingering,...
    Heaven on earth.... here in the heavy humid air that feels so luscious against my skin...
    Inhaling the magic of rain that was left over from the morning showers, nourishing my soul.....
    Nothing else penetrating my being save for the rustle of the leaves, I walk oblivious to the rest
    Entertaining my souls dreams of heaven here on earth.


    Google Talk:


    .ೋღ❤ღೋ Beauty is not flawless. It shines even through your flaws ღ❤ღೋ